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Comment by TL Winslow
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From what I know of the horrible ideology of Islam and the shenanigans of the Muslim Brotherhood, the NSEERS program sounds like a resounding success.  Why fix something that isn't broke?  With the wonderful retro Arab Spring that's systematically being taken over by Islamists, these deported Muslims should be happy, as should any more they deport, because they're trying to make the Quran the constitution of those countries, which we will never allow in the U.S.

Of course special treatment or profiling for Muslims isn't racist or anything else bad, it's just prudent national policy because Islam wraps a global political conspiracy in a religion, putting it over the line.

Only sick hard leftists want to continue mass Muslim immigration to the U.S. precisely because they know it will weaken it.  Sorry, more and more the people of the U.S. are waking up and not buying it. Everybody except our president Obama, who the jury is still out on about being a closet Muslim himself whose doing his fellow Muslims every favor he can without being outed; if he's not a closet Muslim, he's the worst Muslim appeaser in White House history, whose actions are causing the U.S. harm.

Watch global Islam daily free with the Historyscoper and thank your lucky stars that the U.S. has as few Muslims as it does:



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