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Comment by TL Winslow
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At least the author got to the real conclusion at the end, namely, that if the rest of the world devalues U.S. currency, they will be letting us off the hook on our giant debts to them.  If the U.S. would just get a president who finally opens development of all our oil, shale, and coal reserves, we wouldn't need to buy oil from other countries, and can end the U.S. Petrodollar scheme unilaterally. As the article points out, this will help us rebuild our manufacturing sector, and make other nations have to pay for our exports with guess what kind of currency.  We can also finally cut the horrible Saudi regime loose like we should have done from day one, not have our president bow to its king.

As to Iran, why did they ever need any nuclear power plants when they have such gigantic oil reserves? Answer: the Shah wanted them so that he could get nukes, as he openly announced, which didn't seem to bother us since he was Westernizing and secularizing the backward Shiites for us, albeit unsuccessfully, and his nukes would have been stationed comfortingly close to the Soviet Union.

When Khomeini took over in 1979 he closed the program down, then reopened it after the U.S.-backed invasion of Iran by Iraq. Why? Obviously to get nukes. 

The program is still going strong, and despite Iranian scientists being bumblers, that's got to be what they are really working to get - nukes. Therefore, anybody who tries to ridicule the U.S. or Israel about alleged false fears of Iranian nukes or alleged lack of evidence, and yet doesn't call for Iran to dismantle its nuclear energy program completely to show its good intentions, is full of moose hockey because he/she is asking the U.S. to play Russian Roulette with the ayatollahs.

Well, Iran won't dismantle its nuclear energy program or stop the uranium centrifuges. So the only conclusion is to finish the Islamic Republic of Iran off with military Shock & Awe and other operations,then pull out sans nation-building unless/until Iran creates a decent non-Islamic regime that invites us back on our terms, which will include no nuclear energy program of any kind, ever.

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