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Comment by Ed Price
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This article is for the unhealthy eater to apply to himself/herself. It is not for the healthy eater to use to change his/her eating habits.

Search for lists of acidic and alkaline foods. A simple listing can be found at

Most fruits in their natural state are acidic. Most veggies are alkaline. But if you pickle vegetables, they become acidic. Canning and processing often change the pH of foods.

The point is, don't stop eating fruit because you want to avoid acid. You need a variety of acidic and alkaline foods for your metabolism to exercise itself, constantly swinging from alkaline to acidic and back again, sometimes many times per second. Just as you tire yourself out with exercise to physically build and maintain muscle, so your body needs to constantly jump back and forth between acidic and alkaline to maintain healthful cellular strength.

A greatly over-alkaline body is just as dead as a greatly over-acidic body.

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