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I wish Donald Trump would stop giving me cause to write about him. I don't enjoy this. Every time I tell the truth about Trump, I lose "friends." I lose financial support. My email inbox fills up with hate mail. People just don't want to hear

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Comment by David Macko
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You are just about the only consistently thorough going Trump critic who is rational and a supporter of the Constitution. Our President's position during the last few days regarding not only on bump stocks but also unconstitutional background checks and NICS, which should be nixed, is wrong and we should oppose it vehemently even if we are not as harsh at evaluating his character as you are. The promotion of government meddling in mental health is even more troubling. As I am sure you know, "friends" who are lost for such reasons are not really friends. Also, having observed your activities for over a decade I am sure that you will not deviate from your beliefs and principles. If President Trump follows through on this dangerous path it may become intellectually necessary to accept your views a lot more thoroughly. I hope that you are wrong. I fear that you may be right.

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