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Comment by Sam Weathersby (5726)
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It would be nice if the fat cat union workers, especially the financially obese leaders, could figure out that their activities help keep a sinking ship from being repaired. After all, each state is a 'hull section' of  The USS America, which is going down under an ocean of debt. Some of the holes in our ship's financial side are from union 'torpedoes'. Not all the holes to be sure & not the biggest holes, but holes in our national 'ship' just the same. All the 'holes' in the sections of our financial ship are taking US further under water. Fill enough sections with water...

Governors are trying to repair the holes in their  state 'section of the ship', but unions try to selfishly thwart their efforts. In WI's case the gov should also be taking on the cops & fire dept unions. The police & fire depts. have contributed  their own 'torpedo holes' . Gotta fix ALL the holes Gov Walker!!

 While unions clamor for their own status quo our boat slips further beneath the ocean of debt that is filling & sinking the good ship USA.  The useful idiots scurry on deck so to speak, seemingly oblivious to the fact that at least they have jobs. And very well paying ones. The issue then must be about more than money, as union workers take home more on the average than private sector workers. Then there are union benefits...

The Govs are trying to save all the union jobs & propose cuts in union bennies to help fix  financial problems over compensated union workers have contributed via cronyism that add more 'water' to an already sinking ship.

The US has been under attack since at least 1913. I think longer. Our national 'ship' was badly torpedoed when the privately owned "Fed" was foisted on us. We started taking on 'water' slowly back then. Our great ship has taken a lot of hits in the ensuing decades. Then Bush hit us with some really big spending torpedoes. Now his 'political son', Obama, is trying to out do Bush & sink the US NOW. I don't think yesterday would have been soon enough for 0 & his pals in the 'progressive' movement to have sunk the USA. What do ya think 0 meant by "We are just five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America!!" ??

What I miss in the piece above is that the author makes no mention of all the socialist & communist influences in the union ,err,  [I'll be kind & call them] rallies. Perhaps the promoters of these 'rallies' are much more interested in a new form of government than they are about protecting the union workers. Could it be that the 'rallies' are the start of a larger that seeks to replace the US Republic with something more communist, Marxist, socialist or fascist...I think so. {Communist, Marxist, socialist or fascist: These cousins all aim for total govt control.)

Now we have Muslims lining up their own stealth Jihad 'submarines' & are aiming at the USS America with a Caliphate Sharia takeover. 

 How long before the 'sailor' citizens wake up & take back our ship? Do you not yet realize that 0 is lining up the USS America to give 'progressive' & Islamic 'submarines' an even broader target?


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