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Comment by Daniel Penisten (33545)
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 I think collective bargaining is necessary, because of the self-servingness of the Corporate Humans. But, I have heard stories about Union Leaders, that have betrayed their Workers by making private deals with the "enemy".

The Workers should not allow this. They should get Direct Democracy control, over their a "continuous flow" of duty in the leadership positions. They could be paid their usual wages while they perform leadership duties.

A better deal might be "Worker owned and Operated Companies". Of which there are few examples in Our Nation.  I don't believe that there is anything the CEO types can do that Workers can't do as well or better. All they would need is a little experience and training.

They also might reconsider what they invest the retirement funds in too. We need to start leaving Wall Street behind and build economic power in Our Own Ranks, instead of turning it over to the "parasite few".

State and Public banking could help with long as they stay away from any involvement in the Federal Reserve System.

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