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Local Band turns down McCain / Palin gig.

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From: JL Mealer
Date: Sep 26, 2008 10:11 PM

Perhaps Show Low, Arizona might be a good place for your next big gig...

And you could do a McCain-Palin concert for the right amt of cash right?

My company might pay for it if you can back off the Ron Paul concept for just a brief moment.
I am serious.
John Lewis Mealer


From: Element 115

Sorry, JL.

We would not play for any amount of money for a strip club, a pro-war rally, or a habitual Constitution violator.

The only reason there is such thing as a "President" is because We the People created one. He has one of the shortest job descriptions on
Earth: "...preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution for the united States."

John McCain (and for that matter, Obama, Hillary, Huckabee, Giuliani...) would violate the Constitution within 10 minutes of taking the oath.

You see, JL, all of the problems we face in this country today would be non-existent if government had just stayed within the limits that We the People placed on it.

There is no real election, nor is there a real vote count. It is all a scam.

That\'s why we sing "Warrior" for the Ron Paul\'s of the country, and why we sing "Seal Of Approval" to a criminal convicted of international war crimes, yet still pretends to be elected by the people.

No, John, you don\'t have a big enough budget for us to play a pro-McCain rally, but we\'d cut you a helluva deal to play a "pro-Constitution"
rally, a "bring our troops home to defend our OWN borders from invasion"
rally, or a "Stop the North American Union" rally!

Since the Constitution is VERY clear as to the basic qualifications of the President, and since there were no "US citizens" in 1789, and no "United States citizens" (as in federal personnel) in 1789, (only Citizens of the several States which united) and whereas "citizens of the United States" didn\'t even exist until 1866, and whereas John McCain was NOT born within one of the then recognized 48 States, the man can NOT LAWFULLY be President.

Obama was born in Kenya. His story about being born in Hawaii will be proved false. I expect to see that capitalized on next month from the Hillary camp.

There is only one qualified candidate left running in the 2 major parties, John, and that\'s Ron Paul.

Good luck with that "Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran" candidate of yours!

I, sir, am SERIOUS, and since I don\'t compromise my morals and principles for cash, I dare say I\'m a better man than you gave me credit for, and a better candidate for the job than the man you endorse.

Michael, Element 115 

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Comment by Ron Moss
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You are not supposed to know about Obama being born in Africa. You cheated. Hospital records found in Kenya have not been destroyed. That was next on military objectives, See how clever they were about JFK's history. Go Ron Paul

Comment by Ed Vallejo
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Michael is one kick-ass Patriot and I'm proud to have him as a friend.

Comment by Tom Westbrook
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Damn! Kick ass...I have nothing but respect :)