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Don't Leave God out.

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You miss the whole point of Thanksgiving because you  refuse to include God in the equation. God gave the settlers the abundance as He does for us as well. You will see that if you look at a real history book and not a "cleansed" one. We give thanks for what He gives us, not because we produce it ourselves. Whether or not people want to believe it is not the issue. We would have nothing in this life without God giving it to us. Remember that when you sit down to the table to eat.

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Comment by Mike Renzulli
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I didn't miss any point at all. As my column points out, the Plymouth colonists who I acknowledged were deeply religious had to reject their Biblical and religious teachings in order to survive.

This is why Thanksgiving is a secular and not a religious holiday.

Furthermore, I disagree with your notion that "God gave the colonists their abundance" since its clear their productivity was the result of human, and not spiritual, energy.

Abundance is not a gift from God anymore than the comforts you enjoy, like television or computers, the medicines that sustain your life or even the car you drive to and from work every day.

Since God is responsible for none of the things which your life and happiness depend, why thank him for any such goods?

I think it makes more sense to thank those who actually are responsible for the luxuries and abundance people, like you and me enjoy, who are actual human beings and the creative effort they put into their work and not a supernatural being who does not exist.