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Letters to the Editor • Gun Rights


Here is a summmary of the Incident that occured yesterday.  If you have any questions call (850) xxx-xxxx.





On January 16th, 2009 at 0930 I met with Young Americans for Prosperity to Protest President Elect Barack Obama's 1.3 Trillion Dollar Stimulus Proposal.  The Flyer said we would meet at the Harvard Park Shopping Center and Carpooling to the Cardinal Fastener & Specialty Company in Bedford Heights, Ohio.  When we arrived there one of the members asked a police officer (not in uniform) where we should stand and the police officer said we can't stand in the parking lot and to ask the people inside.  An official inside the building told one of the members we couldn't protest inside the building because we didn't have an invitation.  During this time I never entered the building because there were "No Firearm" signs posted on the outside door and I was carrying a Glock 17 under my Jacket.  I waited outside of the building for the member to come out.  When the member came out we approached the same officer as before and he told the member we could protest across the street.  Another man standing next to him in a suit said we needed a permit to protest.  As we were walking across the street (on city property) another man in a suit standing next the uniformed officer and the guy in a suit yelled at me, "Is that a Cell phone?"  I replied, "No. It's a gun.  I have a concealed carry permit."   He told me to put my hands in the air and he came up and removed the firearm from me and gave it to the unformed police officer.  Five Secret Service Agents Swarmed around me.   They asked to see my permit and I gave it both to him and the Uniformed Police Officer.   He identified himself as secret service and told me what I did was stupid and that I'm going to be arrested.  I asked, "For what charge?"  He said, "Disorderly Conduct."  I replied that I was not breaking the law and I carry a firearm everyday in the same manner in which I wear my seatbelt when I drive a car.  The other man in a suit identified himself as a Bedford Heights, Police Officer and told me I didn't notify him I was carrying.  I told him I had no way of knowing he was a Police officer because he was not in uniform.  He said when our group approached him he told us.  If that is true I didn't hear him.  I asked him if I was going to be charged with Disorderly Conduct and he said I will have to wait till Monday and talk to the Chief.  I asked if could have my firearm back he said I will have to wait till Monday and talk to the Chief.  I told him what hid did was an Unlawful Confiscation of a Firearm because he is supposed to return it to me at the end of the stop in its original condition.  He Arrogantly Replied," I DON'T CARE ABOUT THE LAW.  GO TALK TO THE PROSECUTER."   The unformed police officer gave me my permit back and I asked him if I am going to be arrested and he replied no.  They then told me to leave the property and I went home.  I called the Bedford Heights Police Department around 16:00 and Spoke to the Chief and he told me I was not going to be charged and I can come pick up my firearm.  I pickup up my firearm around 19:30 and went home. 

That night I spoke to a gun rights attorney who told me I only have the duty to notify when I am in a traffic stop, not when I am on foot.  He also told me the Police Officer broke the law because he was required to return the firearm to me at the end of the Stop in its original condition, which he did not.  There is no reason why Law Enforcement officials need to be this hostile towards gun owners whether they are carrying openly or concealed.  I plan on scheduling a meeting with the Chief of Police of Bedford Heights Police and Ohioans For Concealed Carry to make sure this doesn't happened again.  This is what the Founders warned us of.             


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Comment by Hawkeye
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Give the officers name to the public,and tell the public that this officer does not care about the law...he said so himself.
Ask his children what they think about their Nazi father,brother,or what ever he is.
Let the neighborhood know what kind of police officers they have protecting them,and see what they think about this cop.Maybe they like what he is,maybe not.Find out!

Comment by Anonymous
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If the Secret Service were there I would need a real good explanation too.

Comment by Chip Saunders
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I don't understand what Secret Service was doing there. Was this along the route the innauguration train was travelling?

Comment by foundZero
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"I don't care about the law" said the officer.