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 It is rare that Freedom's Phoenix - which bills itself as an outside-the-box/major media - runs an article that reads like it could be disinformation from Fox News itself. Mr. Sumcads' articles on the Fed are uninformed, belligerent, and condescending. It is recommended you remove this obvious honeypot/disinformant from your staff before he infects the rest of your website and we begin seeing more and more apologies for such obvious-and-footnoted-cabals of international banking as the Fed Reserve. At no point does Mr. Sumcad address ANY of the relevant facts about the Fed, its origins, its subversion of democratic process, and most especially, inflation-as-tax and passing on money-with-interest to the American public. The ONLY purpose of such an editorial is to mislead and to frighten those who don't feel they understand economics into buying the party line as espoused by this establishment hack.
Thank you,
Bryan McMillan

Editors Reply

Editor's Reply

Editor: Ernest Hancock
Comment by: Ernest Hancock
   Entered on: 2008-12-28 21:17:52
   Remind me later to comment on the value of Mr. Sumcad. First I hope you all will continue the discussion.
Now why would we allow Mr Sumcad to post here? I knew who he was and what he represented after reading his first post and haven't read a word since. He is allowed to post here for your entertainment and to prompt your thinking and getting interactive with the site while educating his supporters/promoters.
I've been on the Internet for 15 years and know exactly what is happening. But I remember what my good friend L. Neil Smith says, "the discussion with these people is beneficial to the audience".
I'm glad you get it,... now go get 'em. I am certain that you will get a response to every single post you make in the Freedom Forum/Comment section and it will come from several different 'accounts' in support of whatever Mr. Sumcad has said. But these are just opportunities for you to hone your skills and expose,... whatever needs to be exposed.
Don't count on me to censor the material here on FreedomsPhoenix for you. 90% of the editing we do is in the form of a graphic that we put along side the Media/Government Propaganda. Without that you wouldn't understand our view of the material, would 'ya? :)
Mr Sumcad has provided us a service by promoting more discussion on one of the most important issues and he will not be able to help himself in helping you to hone your skills and trim down your arguments to the most important truths.
Soon we will be adding an entire site upgrade that will be including notification of new posts in a thread that you have been involved in via the Comments feature and the Freedom Forum (they are linked together BTW). This will create their own discussions that may make it to the Front Page. So please go get some practice and have fun.

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Comment by bmcmolo
Entered on:
I appreciate the response(s) - and you are correct. It is absolutely not the job of the F'sP editor to censor but to foster discussion.

I was moved to write by the (mistaken) belief he was on the staff - I should have taken a deep breath and did some cursory research before writing. I've noticed at a few of my favorite websites lately that there seem to be "honeypot" postings, and I can't help but wonder if the ever-ubiquidous-"they" are utilizing the alternative media to scatter and confuse. We must be on our guards against disinformation - kudos, as always, to F'sP for their service on the proverbial front lines.

Comment by Psychictaxi
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"A responsibile Media must protect the public from harm that emanates from those who are getting out of control in exercising their right to free expression."


I didn't know there was any 'control mechanisms' on free speech!?! If we get to be too big a crowd on a streetcorner all chanting "government is killing us!" is there another 'responsible authority' that must protect the public from harm that emanates from those who are getting out of control in exercising their right to Assemble?

Comment by Lolo
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The editorial notice posted on how to make a comment is that those who use any language which our editors feel is vulgar -- by their standards --may be tagged as "Crude" or "Lewd" and may be filtered out of the discussion.

This advisory continues " concentrating on what is said instead of who is saying it, even those who may disagree with you will be more likely to consider your opinions valid."

What needs to be "censored" [if such is the right word to use] as a matter of editorial policy, is the used of "vulgar language", especially in attacking the person of the author that is uncalled for and unnecessary. I owned and managed a newspaper before and knew this editorial inhibition like I do the back of my palm. A responsibile Media must protect the public from harm that emanates from those who are getting out of control in exercing their right to free expression. If you read the comments so far, you will know who are those violating this necessary guideline to the discomfornt of the author being violated.

Comment by Jet Lacey
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I agree that ALL dissenting comments/articles should be listed on this website, and with the same amount of exposure as any other. Censorship is what we are fighting AGAINST, not FOR.

Open dialogue, both consenting and dissenting, is essential nourishment for the Tree of Liberty to flourish. We have allowed censorship and political correctness to largely rob us of the open and honest exchange of ideas in our society. Argument, even solely for the sake of it, might very well serve to open one's mind to a previously unconsidered aspect of a topic.

I have always considered a well-rounded education to be vital because, regardless of the topics studied, education forces us to look at the world around us in a broader sense than from within the myopic microcosm that defines our daily lives. Education in it's purest sense forces us to consider other theories, methods, and points of view. In essence, it forces us to see the world through many pairs of eyes, and those eyes oftentimes are widely different from our own.

If we censor one, we must censor all; and that friends, is the antithesis of Liberty.

Comment by Brock
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Speaking of comment threads and the Freedom Forum, there's a feature that has been overlooked when listing the various topics. If a topic is started natively in the forum, the top poster's handle is displayed as "discussion entered by".

If, however, the topic is started as comments to news, articles, and editorials, the "discussion entered by" block is the handle of the author/reported by person.

For example, if Ernie writes an article, and someone comments on it, it reads "Discussion entered by: Ernest Hancock". Mine say "Brock", Powell's say "Fascist Nation", Ed's say "Psychic Taxi", and so on.

Also, if someone changes their handle, it changes the handle on all their past posts.

With those two things in mind, I invite everyone to review the recent comment threads and editorials in question, and see if you detect any schizophrenic behavior.