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Powell Gammill Senior Editor: I find your lack of faith disturbing. 
Ernest Hancock Publisher: Checking the site last night I saw that a link "World News from a Fundamental Baptist Perspective" had been submitted and immediately followed by another link "World News from the Satanic Church perspective" that site really had nothing to offer but was certainly an immediate response by another FreedomsPhoenix reader to counter any attempt to turn FreedomsPhoenix into the all too common 'because God said' view of solutions to humanity's problems. (Reader shares why he placed it on FreedomsPhoenix)
For a publisher of a news site that allows... a lot of diverse views to be challenged, there was a decision to be made. Eliminate one of the links, both of the links or let them both run next to each other as a... lesson???
News is news in my opinion. Learning about or evaluating it from any single perspective is a mistake.
Since it relates to this issue I'll share that my friends and family place the label of "Christian" on me and my family. For many years I have attended church regularly (not so much in the past two years due to the selling out by the church to The State), my 4 children attended Phoenix Christian Jr./Sr. High School from the 7th through the 12th grade, my wife Donna is very involved with some other close Christian friends sharing freedom information with fellow Christians they feel is needed to be known. A good portion of my wife's efforts in the freedom community is the sharing of the truth about politics, the economy and the entities involved in the stripping of our liberties with other people of faith.
Of the almost 15,000 emails in our FreedomsPhoenix database I would suspect that there are many that would enjoy a tool such as FreedomsPhoenix to be devoted to the establishment of an American Theocracy that would support the God given rights of each of us. And in fact it was this promise that motivated the Christian Right to move from an inclination to avoid earthly politicking to righteous voting with the Ronald Reagan campaigns.
This powerful voting block was misused, abuse and packaged to the point that a few hundred (or even a few dozen) could be used as a button to mobilize millions to advocate for the will of the State over the will of the God(s) in whose name they were acting under.
“Freedom's the Answer,... What's the Question?”, is the default position that you'll find here on FreedomsPhoenix. If you have an uncontrollable desire to advocate for the Israeli's or the Palestinian's view of the world, then be ready for the immediate counter article that is certain to follow. Advocate for Global Warming,... expect the other perspective to be close behind. Have a favorite food group that you think is the solution to all of our health problems, then be ready for the opinions of others.
While I reserve the right/power as an owner to place or refuse to be placed, anything on this site, you'll find that more freedom is better than less in the sharing of information.
Vibrant discussions of the past have centered around my willingness to allow NeoCon opinions to be placed here. The resulting comments were of great value to us all. I am hopeful that this post will generate an equally enlightening discussion about the issue of religion in public policy.
Obama has adopted the Faith Based Initiatives to serve his own ends just as many of us knew that he would. Are the perspectives of the churches involved altered by the allure of billions in cash? Ahhhh, Yeah!
I've seen it up close and have made a conscience effort to insulate myself from those that stand between my spiritual self and the truth that I seek.
I have been very supportive of the writings submitted for FreedomsPhoenix by pastors Greg Dixon and Chuck Baldwin for their truth telling to those that are in great need of it while immersed in a sea of deceit and collectivism. I support the freeing of those enslaved to the biased preaching of faith based leadership that would use our hardwired knowledge of a spiritual relationship with the universe to serve The State.
The question, 'Should “Satan” get equal time on FreedomsPhoenix?' isn't what concerns me as much as our ability to recognize evil from our church's pulpits.
Those not supportive of my 'perspective' are always easily unsubscribed with the click of a button that they have total control of themselves.
This is a discussion that I think is ready to be entered into and I look forward to it,... it's time.
Ernest Hancock



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Comment by Jim Peterson
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I saw what happens when you give the religious right control of the Republican Party three years ago today. Sam Brownback was tricked by the feminist left to agree the IMBRA law that forces American men to be background checked before communicating with foreign women. The feminists had Marxist theories about rich men exploiting poor young women...while the religious hypocrites had anti-sex theories about rich men exploiting poor young women. There really isn't a difference between Marxist feminist thinking and anti-sex Christian thinking.

Comment by Christine
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Your objectivity in what is published on Freedom's Phoenix is deeply appreciated by many.
As a believer, as a Christian, I took no offense at the posting about Satanism. I followed its links to read what their site was about.
Thank you, Ernie, for such objectivity - that is what freedom is all about. And through all of us sharing that which has enhanced our understanding of freedom, we give each other much to think about and ponder.

Comment by azpatriot2008
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Thomas Jefferson, one of my favorite founders, but one of his worst quotes. Indeed, without shared principals and values, what could a friendship possibly be based upon?

Comment by Psychictaxi
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God put Satan in charge of this world FOR A REASON! For anyone to deny that reason 'because it's poopy' has NO FAITH IN GOD HIMSELF and needs to go back and read what God has in store for us prophesy-wise. A LOT of it will be 'poopy', but some of us are destined to live through God's plans - better set yourself now for what's coming.

How can one DENY evil if they are not confronted with it?

Comment by Jet Lacey
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Please read my editorial on the subject. To me, any censorship is bad, and as Thomas Jefferson said,

"I never considered a difference of opinion in politics, in religion, in philosophy, as cause for withdrawing from a friend."