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Do you have any idea how annoying it is to click on a link for an interesting story and get dumped on a new page full of links that often do not include the story you were looking for??   Why the hell do you guys keep doing this?

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Thanks Rockster.
From: FreedomsPhoenix Publisher
To: Contributors
Re: Story Selection & Headlines

The headline in a news linked story is the same as the original (your 'editorial' comment is done with the graphic). The 250 character summary is for telling the reader what is there (this is a video/article about... whatever). Pulling the most descriptive sentences from the original article is best.
"Missiles Launched,... details after this break..." is bullshit (IMNSHO).
The goal of FreedomsPhoenix is not to trick people into going to your link, it is to inform individuals in as short a time as possible. With enough information in the headline and summary it is easy to get a lot of up to date information without wasting time. This is one of the biggest assets of FreedomsPhoenix.
I'm asking contributors to be mindful of this policy so Powell and I are not inclined to push the delete button. You have found us to be very tolerant of each of you sharing what you think is important for other to know, but frustraiting our readers is counter productive (oh... and I am a reader too. So I know EXACTLY what Rockster is talking about)

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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No offense taken. I was just disappointed to learn the link was altered.

Here is her link to her video site if anyone needs to explore: gnooze

Comment by foundZero
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With links to so many blogs which are submitted often by readers of those blogs (who have no control of the linked content or the preservation of the hyperlinks to that content) it's impossible to maintain 100% link integrity.

The fact that this site uses new windows (or tabs or popups) to linked content is troublesome to some, but a large part of the surfing and webmaster community still likes them. That's personal preference.

What I can relate to is sometimes linked content to a MSM article, but it doesn't do to the MSM source, it goes instead to yet another blog or news aggregator which might or might not eventually link to the source content. This might give the opportunity for more editorializing and expanded converage, but often it's just the source reprinted. Which does nothing but advertise other sites.

Comment by Ernest Hancock
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Thanks Powell.

This was as good an opportunity to emphasize our intent as any and I took advantage of it. It wasn't a comment on any particular article.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Hey, when I tried it it worked just fine for me. Either this changed on its own, or someone altered it between me checking it out and Rocky's visit. I even added her video site to my bookmark list.

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