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Letters to the Editor • Immigration

Illegal Immigrants Need Amnesty NOW

 Dear Editor,   Chuck Baldwin and Frosty Wooldridge are wrong for denouncing the idea of giving amnesty to the hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of undocumented/illegal immigrants in the United States.   By doing so, Baldwin and Woodlridge assume that, once legal, they will not be screened and unfairly assumes that it will sanction the breaking of America\'s laws while pointing to questionable statistics slanted to back up their cases.   Much of the studies both columnists point to to back up their cases hail from information floated by groups, like the Federation for American Immigration Reform. As it turns out the anti-immigration movement was started by ex-environmentalists John Tanton and former Colorado Governor Richard Lamm.   Both gentlemen (especially Baldwin) should also re-read their copies of the U.S. Constitution. It only allows the federal government the power to enact laws for the purpose of naturalization and does not give Congress or any branch or agency of the federal bureaucracy the ability to regulate immigration in any manner.   Furthermore, while I am an atheist I was a Christian for over 30 years and an Episcopal priest\'s son. I am equally dismayed at Baldwin\'s nativist sentiments since he is a Baptist minister and the vast majority of undocumented immigrants are Christians themselves.   One would think that Baldwin would want to emulate Christianity\'s hero, Jesus, in demonstrating compassion for those less fortunate than himself.
 While they have a right to their views, opinions by men, like Baldwin, go to show the anti-life sentiments of Christianity, conservatives and environmentalism.   When it comes to immigration conservatives, like Baldwin and Wooldridge, and environmentalists, like John Tanton and Richard Lamm, demonstrate their hatred of mankind due to the altrusitic philosophies they subscribe to while wanting to subject mankind to an existence of misery and death.   Americans don\'t need protection from foreigners. We have welcomed immigrants throughout our country\'s history and those who end up here embrace the ideals of freedom our country stands for, work for their own advancement, and uphold our right to work for ours.   We should continue to do so. The country will be richer for it—in every sense of the word.    Sincerely,  Mike Renzulli

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Comment by Frosty Wooldridge
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What a ridiculous statement by the author that Lamm, Tanton, Wooldridge and Baldwin hate humanity. An amnesty for 20 million illegals will create a chain migration "Human Katrina" that will add 100 million people to this country in less than 30 years. It doesn't take an idiot to understand that we already suffer water shortages, climate change, gridlock, crowded cities, lowering of quality of life and energy crises. Get your head out of your ass and deal with reality instead of maudlin tear-jerker horsefeathers. Lamm, Tanton and other will prove the 'saviors' of humanity because they know the overpopulation crisis is THE single greatest crisis facing humanity. We solve it gracefully, or nature will solve it brutally. Already 18 million humans die of starvation around the world annually. Mexico expects to add 40 million people by mid century. Get a grip and get hold of reality. We cannot afford an added 100 million people in this country. If you're going to write something with validity, write about birth control and advocate it. Frosty Wooldridge

Comment by Anonymous
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Mike, you must be viewing this problem with rose colored glasses. I challenge you to go down to Eagle Pass or El Paso, Texas and talk about immigration making life better for all concerned. It doesn't work. Your idealistic pandering is a joke when it is laid on the real life situations that people are living through right now down south. Law Breakers need to suffer the consequences. Dream on sir....maybe you will wake up before you smell the peppers (coffee).

Comment by foundZero
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I think a lot of this advocacy results from now knowing which tribe you belong to.

I'm a mud person. I'm not entirely white. I have two kinds of native blood flowing in me: Taino (the native peoples of Peurto Rico) and an Algonquin extraction, the name of which is lost to history but we were part of the Delaware Confederacy.

I understand how things were and the apparent travesty that you folks call "colonization" and we call military defeat and the subsequent rape of civilization as we knew it.

But today, the lines are redrawn and here I am in a mostly white body. It ain't a bad body either. It's a pretty good one. I'm totally satisfied with my present corporeal incarnation but you have to know which tribe you belong to. Being nice to everybody is indeed an end unto itself, but there's honor is living for your people.

And where a decision between "us" and "them" is to be made, and this will seem conter-intuitive to a lot of you, but we default to us instantly and constantly. In other words, I'll defend my own. Right or wrong. When it comes down to it, I'll defend MY PEOPLE.

Because something we've learned in Native America: it's better to be wrong together than right alone.

Counter-intuitive to Westerners, I know. But sometimes it's better to be wrong together than right alone. Just remember that. If it doesn't make sense today, it will tomorrow.

Righteousness and love are two very distinct things. They are often found in company but not always. You can be righteous as all heavens but have not one drop of love in you.

Life without the Spirits is dry as dust. Spirit without life is a condition we know as death.

One of our brothers is in great danger of this. His name is John Stuart. John fights a battle more lethal and dangerous than many of us will face in a life time. Our greatest fear? John has abandoned himself. When that happens, there's no rope we can throw you and while we cover great distances to reach you, there is nothing there by the time we get there.

I say pick your tribe. Pick your people and love them and lay down your life for them. Don't miss this opportunity, it might be the only one you have. If your life path brings you into battle, sing with joy and listen for the sound of your ancestors singing with you.

We are not perfect beings, far from it, but warfare is natural to us and not a bad thing when applied with love.

When we love someone, we naturally feel defensive and protective over them. It's not a bad thing.

Pick your side and love your people. It' doesn't mean you hate other people, you can love them too. I do. I'm a mud person. All those other brown people are just like me. I don't hate them, I love them too, but up here in the North American continent, you guys are my people. And I'm happy to have a people. I'm grateful that there's somebody out there besides me. I don't harbor hatred or malice in my heart, I carry love like the weapon it is.

Comment by RickStone
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Ilegal alliens are criminals, no ifs buts or maybes. They have commited a crime by being in the US with out permission. Our laws need to be inforced and these criminals need to be deported. WHY IS THAT SO HARD TO UNDERSTAND ???????