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Letters to the Editor • Law Enforcers or Peace Officers

Police State, Rio Rancho NM

One or more persons representing the Rio Rancho police department have admitted to the facts I am about to share. Last week, as my family and I were driving home, we were stopped by two Rio Rancho police officers (just two doors down from our house). When the officer who had instigated the stop approached, he stated we had been pulled over due to a problem with our license plate registration (even though our plate carries a current OCT 09 sticker that is plainly visible). At his request, I supplied him with my registration, insurance, and drivers license (all current). After a few minutes, the officer returned saying that everything checked out fine when he utilized our VIN. He then went on to say that I should call the main office of the DMV to make sure my records were correct. He added, we have problems with the information the DMV has all the time. This didn’t make sense to me, why the record would be wrong using my plate number and right when using the VIN. This is when I asked for both officer’s names and badge numbers and for his supervisor’s name. The officers did not have business cards and I had to supply them something to write on. When the officer handed me the information, I asked him why had he run my plate number in the first place? He replied; that is what we do, we run everyone’s (without reasonable suspicion or probable cause). He then told us to wait until the on-duty supervisor could be called to the scene and walked away before I could say that that would not be necessary (I did not request to speak with the on-duty supervisor). I had asked, multiple times, if my family could leave, so they could walk the fifty yards or so to our house. The officer refused to allow that. I felt he was doing this to punish me for asking questions. When the on-duty supervisor arrived, I immediately asked if my family could leave. He checked with the first two officers, to make sure we were not being held for anything, and then allowed my passengers exit the car and depart the scene. He then asked me to get out of the car so he and I could talk. I felt a little uncomfortable with this idea (unsure if I would be tasered or handcuffed) but I complied. Our conversation consisted of me explaining the situation and how I didn’t understand what was going on. He offered to call in my plate number so the two of us to hear the response. All the information came back correct. This is when the supervisor asked the first officer what he had typed into his computer. Turns out he had typed in the incorrect plate number and that plate number does not even exist, so the report came back “no record “. I have yet to receive any apologies from the Rio Rancho police. We were detained, illegally, for about a half an hour, based on the police knowingly using an inaccurate data base, and knowingly making mistakes while trying to drive and type on their on-board computers at the same time. And, they admit, “It happens all the time”. I would also like to add that throughout this ordeal the officers acted in a very aggressive manner. I tremble at the thought of what may have happened if the incorrect plate number had returned a hit on a suspected bank robber or murderer. For absolutely no reason, the Rio Rancho police are putting innocent people in life threatening positions.

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Comment by John Doe
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you sir are posting your representation of the incident. you do not know what the officers were thinking or what was going through their minds. no offense to you but i am sure their job is 50 times hard than yours. your posting a one sided biased opinion of the incident that took place that day i am sure of it. but continue to whine because i am sure someone out there just might care enough to hold your hand through life.

Comment by PresidentDon
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The problem in America, is the people have the delusion of believing we still have a Constitution, and Bill of Rights. Those document have been cancelled to improve the authority of the police to show us Bullies from School still exist. When we are told we will submit without question, that we will lay on the ground, and shut up or else face the rath of our Gestapo, or else, it's time to change our government back to We the People, so revolt, ReVote. Now it's time for Don Cordell to be your President, while you still have an address that allows you to vote. An address: Cardboard Box in the Park is not enough. Coming to a community near you soon. Lets restore our Rights in America, before we become another satellite of the European Union, of the United Nations