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Police Killed in Record Number. Alex Jones Exposes Plan to Control Police and Predicts...

•, InfoWars

Fourteen police officers were killed last week in the US as police are dying in record numbers, yet the media is ignoring the murders in order to dehumanize them. Alex Jones said that leftists purged the military with the poison COVID shots, critical race theory and transgenderism so that they could place their own people in key positions. The radicals aim to control the police, too. The left is just waiting for another George Floyd event or Kent State incident to happen to unleash civil war. Alex Jones says that while George Soros is the front man, the US State Department is spending billions and billions to bring in illegal aliens, brainwash them against Americans and sign them up to vote. 

Jones said he "guarantees" we are headed toward a summer of rage as globalists stir up violence using false flag events that will be blamed on conservatives and nationalists. Biden and the FBI have falsely stated that white supremacists are the number one threat to America. Jones said that the false flags will target black-owned businesses, colleges and churches just over a month before the election in November. He said that synagogues and federal buildings will also be targeted in orchestrated attacks, a civil emergency will be declared, and Trump will be blamed.