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    I declare, as a free man, my independence with natural god given rights.  I am debt free and have “Gone Galt.”  I have willingly cut back on my labors and passed on career advancement to avoid paying higher taxes. I have no incentive to achieve greater earnings, and then watch a greater portion of my labors given to those that only take.

    I am resentful of tax and spend policies in which I have no voice.  I resent that my tax money is spent on illegal war and torture.  I resent my money going to TARP.  I resent the FED for devaluing my money by printing more out of thin air.  I refuse to beg the government for licenses to improve my home or sell food at farmers markets or travel.  I refuse a National ID and National health insurance.  I would rather turn to a simple life of barter to avoid paying cumbersome taxes that only feed a corrupt and unresponsive fascist empire that once was a great Republic. 

    It is unfortunate that the only recourse left to this Patriot is to sacrifice my god given gifts to foil the growth of an increasingly tyrannical government.  By refusing to provide more tax revenue that would have been taken and spent on unconstitutional government growth, I am willing to stand alone for those to timid or weak to stand up for themselves.  Regardless of consequences to myself, I have “Gone Galt” in order to save my country and my soul.

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Comment by Harriet Robbins
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Gandhi said passive resistance, don't give them your money nor do what they want you to do and it changed the history of two nation.  Bravo Beowulf, you and many others have either gone galt or are preparing to do so.  

                                                                Ayn Rand.  

Comment by Anonymous
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 While this is a lovely little declaration, it wont help you much when you are hooded, cattle-prodded into the back of a windowless van that has the name of a utility on the side of it, injected with vaccination and thrown in the genpop of the camps.

Just like in NAZI Germany, in the NWO there will be no place to hide.  Either you actively help to defeat it or it's "See ya next year in the camps!"

Tell your little declaration to your campmates.  I'm sure they'll appreciate it.