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Skull-Bashing Anti-Population Panic Freaks Are To Blame For Oil Crisis

 With permission from the original author, let me reprint this editorial that pinpoints the freaks to blame for the current oil crisis. A review of what has been published in this website also points to the freaking arguments of skull-bashing anti-population freaks!

Panic freaks that freak out for every baby born today thinking it would overcrowd the world and therefore population growth must be controlled through infanticide and genocide are to blame for the present oil crisis. It is the panic they create – not the dwindling supply of oil – that causes this calamitous economic predicament!  The current oil crushes of supply from the Middle East [due to the people’s street war against their government] that supposedly push the price of gasoline to go up is a myth. The truth is, there are but only two culprits to blame for this catastrophe: those freak anti-population panic-mongers, and their cousins … radical environmentalists who wage their war in public for political expediency.

The current oil crushes of supply from the Middle East [due to the people’s street war against their government] that supposedly push the price of gasoline to go up is a myth. The truth is, there are but only two culprits to blame for this catastrophe those freak anti-population panic-mongers, and their cousins … radical environmentalists who wage their war in public for political expediency.

Politically-crazed Vice President Al Gore who once delivered a speech in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia – he was "invited" as guest speaker of an economic conference sponsored by Osama bin Laden’s oil-rich relatives for a handsome fee -- condemning America for not being nice to Arabs in the United States, security-wise, is leading environmentalists in this on-going anti-oil-drilling battle of vast U.S. oil fields … Their panic-mongering against oil-drilling causes the nation a severe gas pain.

We already have proof of the cause of the oil crisis that sent the prices of gasoline skyrocketing. It was not much of holding on to supply to raise prices for profit or political reason than panic itself that causes pandemonium. In 1973, panic gripped the United States and oil-dependent economies of the world that resulted in economic upheaval worldwide. Oil Arab producers created their oil embargo to punish Western countries for their anti-Islamic role in the Arab-Israeli conflict. You are on your own to know this important Middle East background when oil crisis of this kind occurs. At this moment, I am running out of time and space for this lecture.

The first thing you will know if you do your own background investigation is that it was not really the strangle-hold of Middle East oil supply that caused the devastating impact on the U.S. economy and that of the world … "panicking investors and oil companies caused a gigantic surge in oil prices …" 

It is hard to forget the long line at gas pump in the 1970s that caused the rising of temper of motorists on and off the road; there was also so much swearing, a blinding animosity for survival in the anarchy of the artificial market created, specifically among consumers and producers, and pissed off sellers and buyers staring at each other eye-ball-to-eyeball, as if by doing so they could stare down prices of gasoline. More details can be obtained from this link (

But fear mongering panic freaks exacerbate this chaos by throwing gasoline into the fire. Just recently, published this messy work of one who hates every baby born that adds up to the overcrowding of the planet: "Who is to blame for $4.00 a gallon gas? How about $10.00 a gallon?" written by one named Frosty W. He blamed all of us Americans for this oil crisis… and for heaven’s sake of all the crawling cretins he could find in the sinkhole! As if all Americans, except himself, have this offensive affliction called Myxedema I refer to figuratively as atrophy of the brain.

Let’s quote how this fearmonger throws gasoline into the escalating panic. He asked the question and he himself gave the answer: Who can we blame for $4.00 a gallon?  Answer: every last one of us cotton pickin’ American gas guzzling 8-cylinder SUV drivers, trucks, trains, boats and planes!  We burn 20 million barrels a day in the United States.  The world’s humans burn 84 million barrels daily.   That’s 29.9 billion barrels of oil annually worldwide!  Whopping carbon footprint!

This panic hichhiker could not think beyond his anti-American prejudice. We burn not just 20 million barrels of energy a day …!!! SOOOO WHATTTTT? It saves the author’s ass from frostbites in the coldest of winter when we burn energy to keep his room warm; we have to use gasoline or burn more fuel to drive our cars, SUVs and truck, consume more energy to ride on boats, ocean liners and planes in order to save this freaking author suffering a panic attack from riding his horse in California if he wants to go to New York, paddle his way across the Atlantic and Pacific oceans if he wants to go to Asia or Europe; he doesn’t need to swim the English Channel or the China Sea if he wants to pay homage to Mao Tse Tung’s remains, his idol in depopulation or genocide since his early diaper days!

He probably thinks the American public is really that donkey-headed when he asked this question: "Hey!  Did you think a finite resource like ‘endless oil’ could go on forever?  That’s like sucking on an ‘endless milkshake’ straw at the local diner!  It eventually runs dry and you suck…." No Sireeee … you are so rubbishy wrong! Our energy resources including oil are infinitum! You will already be gone one million years and our fuel and energy resources will still be here to last for as long as Planet Earth orbits around the Sun. To say that our resources are"finite" is a stupid damn lie.

The same author was caught lying. His lies are exposed reportedly to protect the American public. Click on this link …

"Immigration & Population Lies That Our World Will End Should Be Exposed" -- Letter written by a certain bakadude ... Date of Letter: 2010-11-03 Read this Letter to the Editor.

So far, the world oil reserves are 1,292.6 billion barrels. About 29.9 billion barrels are consumed per year. If deep beneath the Earth’s crust and in the subterranean surface the increasing accumulation of oil fossil and carbon fuels as the years pass by suddenly stops – let’s assume the impossible occurs just to humor panic mongers – we have about 50 years from now to think about it.

However, the U.S. has the world’s largest oil shale deposit. " It is located in the Green River Formation, which is spread out over Idaho, Utah and Colorado."  There are more than two trillion barrels of oil here. Worldwide, additional more than two trillion barrels are available. The latest technology is now being employed by multi-billion-dollar oil companies, investors and oil financial moguls to make this enormous dormant limitless supply of oil available within a decade or so or in a very much less than 50 years time! And guess what … politicized environmentalists see to it that this will never take place!"US has not built a new refinery facility in the last 35 years, due to the Environmenatalists’ whining, lobbying, and hindering growth in energy from petroleum drilling, refining, etc. The Oil companies only tap about 15% of our natural resources in the US, leaving us to have to import a greater deal of oil from other world markets, many of those were released on July 29, 2010.

The U.S. Department of Energy also reported that we "buy 4,267,110 [thousand barrels annually], which is " 60% of our consumption of energy the whole year round. Oil is about 40% of all energy "utilized" in the United States". We pay $700 billion a year. You may open those referral links here at, and and find out for yourself. 

The U.S. Department of Energy alsoreported thatWe pay $700 billion a year. You may open those referral links here at . and find out for yourself.

We have a reserve of 200 trillion cubic feet (TCF) of Natural Gas. We use 20 TCF a year. This will take us some 10 trillion years to consume!

But what we are about to use is Methane Hydrate to power this nation to the future in less than 50 years. What this is, is 15% methane (CH4) and 85% water. Supply-wise, it is "twice as large as all known fossil fuels" on earth … "10 times more effective than CO2" as source of usable energy. It occurs in sediments on sea floor – in depths greater than 2,000 feet.

Measured in gigaton, what’s available are as follows: 1.Gas hydrates, 10,000;

2. Fossil fuels, 5,000; 3.Land which includes soil, biota, peat and detritus, 2790;

4. Ocean floor which includes dissolved organics and biota 983, 5.Atmosphere, 3.6.

Total = 18,776.6 Gigatons.

But when carbon in rocks and sediments are included, the Grand Total is = 18,776, 600.00 gigatons. With added accumulation everyday, this immense carbon reservoir multiplies exponentially with added increments every year! No matter how much and in what manner humans would consume it, it would outlast humankind’s existence … In other words, humans would have been long gone and it would still be there for as long as Planet Earth exists. It has been scientifically reported that Fire and Ice [methane hydrates] will power the world starting in the year 2020!!!. See GEO 101 Environmental Geology


The writer’s delirium was caught in print that due to population increase worldwide, the planet will run out of space, of energy, water will run dry and food supply will not be enough, in which case it will turn us all into cannibals.

As the author who wrote this expose' said, we have not touched yet our reservoir of renewable energy that has no end, for as long as the Sun shines, the wind and the waves are still there, tides continue to rise and ebb out along our coastlines, and living things on land and sea thrive in the world of their own for human consumption. And water [?] … it is 70% of Earth and for as long as liquid evaporates to and falls from the sky, this place will never run dry.

Panic freaks are so "delusional" … so afraid of every baby born today and tomorrow, which their freaking mind imagined would add up to population explosion, thus they are obsessed in advocating drastic depopulation measures such as infanticide and genocide.

Notice how this oil crisis is blamed on us Americans. The hallucinating mind imagines that we are delinquent users of food resources and energy, as if the alternative is not to eat or not use energy at all…!!!

Such insanity is real -- the eye of a face that stares back at you.



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Comment by Anonymously Yours
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The primary reasons for high oil and gas prices is the devaluating US$ and a concerted effort by multinationals and G-20 governments to maintain the status quo. The rest of the commments on this article are quite secondary in nature. A number of innovations and technologies would have drastically increased the cost efficiency of fossil fuels if allowed to come to market. Luckily there are a number of technologies today that are coming to market, without subsidized that are more efficient than fossil fuels or nuclear that will not be stopped and are going to change the world in a very positive manner.       

Comment by Anonymous
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JVdville, thanks for citing my expose’ of this lying anti-population whacko that enjoys a perverted orgasm in insulting the intelligence of the American public in general, and distortedly enjoying having fun of the credulity of our readers in particular.

You are starting to notice insanity published in this website yourself, which shows how values the people’s right to express even their worst, i.e. like this hallucinating mind claiming that he is a "teacher" who teaches kindergarten math, his highest educational qualification [by the way, Frostytute thinks that addition is also subtraction]; he believes he is a Galileo reincarnate who as "a messenger and educator" from nowhere is spreading what he believes is his "scientific" knowledge of the Galaxy, thus convincing the people to believe that the Sun revolves around the Earth. In his daydreaming, he really believes that Planet Earth is Easter Island where the people ate themselves to extinction because of his mirage of overpopulation! None of those occurred in Papa Nui, a Polynesian Island better known as Easter Island. A series of devastating events were the cause of the decreasing number of the island population.

To protect the public, let me once against expose this cheat by quoting Wikipedia at

"A series of devastating events killed or removed almost the entire population in the 1860s. In December 1862, Peruvian slave raiders struck. Violent abductions continued for several months, eventually capturing around 1,500 men and women, half of the island's population. Among the people they captured was the island's paramount chief and his heir as well as those who knew how to read and write the rongorongo script, the only Polynesian script to have been found to date. When the slave raiders were forced to repatriate the people they had kidnapped, they knowingly disembarked carriers of smallpox together with a few survivors on each of the islands. This created devastating epidemics from Easter Island to the Marquesas islands. Easter Island's population was reduced to the point where some of the dead were not even buried. Tuberculosis, introduced by whalers in the mid–19th century, had already killed several islanders when the first Christian missionary, Eugène Eyraud, died from this disease in 1867. About a quarter of the island's population succumbed along with him. In the following years, the managers of the sheep ranch and the missionaries started buying the newly available lands of the deceased, and this led to great confrontations between natives and settlers.

"Jean-Baptiste Dutrou-Bornier bought up all of the island apart from the missionaries' area around Hanga Roa and moved a couple of hundred Rapanui to Tahiti to work for his backers. In 1871 the missionaries, having fallen out with Dutrou–Bornier, evacuated all but 171 Rapanui to the Gambier islands. Those who remained were mostly older men. Six years later, only 111 people lived on Easter Island, and only 36 of them had any offspring. From that point on the island's population slowly recovered. But with over 97% of the population dead or gone in less than a decade, much of the island's cultural knowledge had been lost."

See how Frostytute’s end-of-the-world overpopulation delirium fools the public? I feel sorry for our readers, but let it be known that a writing cheat is a cheat is a cheat! Protect your sanity by simply ignoring his blah-blah. Open your mental trashcan and do justice to his writings. That’s where those craps belong.

Comment by Frosty Wooldridge
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Once again, I am reminded of the battle Galileo had to fight against the incompetent and illiterate Pope as to the Earth revolving around the sun.  While this current day "Pope" lacks the facts on oil, water, resources and the "exponential growth equation"--he rants without validity, without understanding mathematics on a finite planet.  Like Galileo, I am a messenger and educator. However, I cannot educate anyone out of their illiteracy no matter how many facts and reality.   Thus, as we continue to overwhelm this planet with human numbers, we will simply fall the way of those on Easter Island.  In fact, this planet is a finite island and anyone proposing unlimited human population growth simply failed third grade math.  FW