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The Global Population: Claustrophobics Would Kill For Space And Food Shortage

To kill in whatever way possible in order to reduce global population is the relentless cry of anti-population psychopaths on the warpath. Bill Gates helps fund worldwide infanticide – the murder of fetus inside the womb [ref. 1 in the Third World] – just to cite an example, while anti-social propagandists spread their population neurosis aggressively [Ramboism], creating fear that this world will end due to overpopulation explosion!

Ramboism is "an aggressive or violent" action of a person to break the rules or laws "to achieve what he or she believes to be right." In public perception this person is caricatured with a contorted face, the mouth twisted by insuperable hate that gnaws the heart inside out.

In the film "Rambo" actor Sylvester Stallone expressed this mode of aggressiveness or behavioral aggression in no unmistakable terms. A popular cartoon of Stallone’s fighting facial expression as an accomplished actor had been posted around the world. The result of Ramboism is portrayed … terrible destructions and dead bodies piling up in the wake of violence – that of the bodies of good and evil alike.

Philosophically, this kind of "bloodletting" is supposedly necessary for the triumph of right over wrong – but in reality, not quite, in fact in the real world what is achieved is the opposite.

It is the other way around – it is the triumph of wrong over right or the defeat of good by evil -- that the caricature of hate depicts. And that’s when Ramboism becomes totally objectionable.

Population and immigration xenophobia and chauvinistic nationalism or jingoistic patriotism that pressure the country to give up its international leadership in world affairs to become a nation of non-interfering recluse, are dark clouds in the horizon, which is today’s banner stories of corporate Media. Screaming headlines to that effect disturbed the nerves, and to many concerned observers, it had created nightmares during those sweaty and sleepless hot summer nights [thank God it is now cooling off as Autumn approaches].

Scaremongering that overpopulation would destroy the world is propagated and spread by what some demographers described as "antisocial freaks". They are seen in websites and blogsites as if by publishing this claustrophobia or fear of overcrowded space there is hope that this kind of worsening anti-population neurosis could be cured. This includes this fear of immigration invasion and the so-called "exponential" population increase at the current birth rate when they do the Math or arithmetical hocus-pocus.

This karma of doom had prophesized that a kismet star would fall from the sky and end life on Earth if global population increase is not stopped right now by means fair or foul. That immigration invasion would turn this most powerful and wealthiest nation on the planet into a country as poor and as miserable as the poorest in the Third World countries, is by far the loudest hustle in the wind heard from anti-population scarecrows.

In reality, mankind will never run out of space to occupy and inhabit. Start considering those wide tracks of barren lands, the edgeless deserts and rocky mountainsides of Earth’s unexplored regions where growing population continuously invade for development to create cities, and this is not only happening on land but also in the surface of the ocean [ref.: The Floating City] and beneath the sea [city built in the ocean floor]. Scientists and engineers are developing "a large force of intelligent rock-boring robots" to do the job of constructing cities in the valleys of the ocean deep. [ ref.: to do the job of constructing cities in the valleys of the ocean deep.Cities Beneath The Sea Floor]

The colonization of Antartica is in the woodwork. International treaty is being worked out. About to be constructed are "domed cities" with "controlled climate and buildings erected under the dome." Planet Earth will never run out of space for humans to live till the end of time, so does speak the message of this worldwide effort. We are not talking yet of the balancing effects of demographics which the dreaded decline of birth rates will render Europe and the United States economically sterile and stop progress. But that’s another story anti-population scarecrows need to hear.

To feed the world’s population throughout eternity is now a reality that jumps out of the screen of Hollywood’s science fiction. [See Cornelis Teunis De Wit on his photosynthesis of leaf canopies that could feed a limitless number of population of the world … De Wit]; Joel E. Cohen 507 pages of Photosynthesis showing the world will never run out of food supply.

Farming the ocean had already begun in 1970s. See Jacques Cousteau’s "Open Blue Sea Farm" in Whit Richardson’s "Fishing For The Future" at Whit Richardson cyberspace link. Scientists believed that the vast worlds of the sea and the ocean had an UNEXHAUSTIBLE supply of food and energy for as long as mankind inhabits planet Earth!

Great desert cities that once were hot arid dry lands continue to grow in number. There are thousands of them all over the globe. Let’s just cite cities with high and average population densities that were created in the deserts of the United States of America and the Sahara. Sacramento in California, Carson City, Nevada; Salt Lake City; Utah; Phoenix, Arizona and Albuquerque, New Mexico were built in the middle of the deserts. In the Great Sahara Desert sprung the cities of Dakhla, Erfoud. Laayoune and Merzouga that world class tourists consider a Mecca to visit and see the waves of sandstorms when the wind blows that lap the desolate hillsides of the barren region.

Soon to rise is the most modern desert city in the world – the City of Masdar that lies "in a patch of desert between downtown Abu Dhabi and the airport." Developers are billing Masdar City as the only zero-carbon, waste-free city in the world. The initial cost is "more than $20 billion and it will take a decade to complete" starting today. Visit this link Green City To Rise In The Desert.

This hunger-phobia that humans will run out of food and drinking water is a hot psychological spam that burns the mind. Mankind’s reservoir of drinking water is in the sea and in the ocean. Planet Earth is more than 70% water. The technique of turning sea water into potable drinking water has already been discovered and used since World War II. How To Distill Sea Water.

Today potable water supplies from the sea are "all driven by renewable energy sources" … Spanish researchers had originally designed the "commercial-scale, seawater desalination plant powered by solar and win energy that produces freshwater and dry salt …" Turning Seawater Into Drinking Water.

What you are reading is a research-based presentation of realities. The purpose is to prove that this scaremongering about humans facing extinction as they multiply is a despicable lie that only the retarded would most likely believe.

The fear that the world would run out of drinking water, oil and energy, is like this panic of irrational jumpy animals that inhabit the Earth, fighting to death to get first to a solitary sand-pond in the middle of the desert for survival… actually a terrifying phobia of a very sick mind -- whether that of a lowly scared living creature or that of a defeatist human being in extreme deprivation and frightening despair -- that the Sun would stop to shine, and thermal energy beneath the earth would cool off and disappear, and the rain would stop to fall and the world’s greatest oceans would run dry. The brain that was planted in the head of those straw scarecrows was not big enough to accommodate these extremely great possibilities and potentialities of Nature’s life-support ecosystem, nor the least capable of comprehending these unmistakable endless realities on Earth and beyond that billions of people around the globe believed God had provided or created for the preservation of the human race. [1]

The purpose of terrorists of this kind that terrorize mankind saying that the extermination of human life on Earth is near is no doubt, evil. Whether it is for personal monetary gain or simply an expectation of psychic benefits to be derived from such evil enterprise is of course of no moment. Even if they would succeed in terrorizing people to death, it would only prove my point that the triumph of evil and the defeat of good in this kind of Ramboism is dangerously alarming and for that reason the consequence is horrifyingly unacceptable.

Our reading public needs immediate relief from drinking this anti-population poison that burns the mind. The evil lie behind it is meant to attract immediate attention, for the purpose of creating a worldwide panic.


Acknowledgement: Reprinted with author’s permission from "Ramboism Of Population Psychopaths – A Kind Of Poison That Burns In The Mind" written by journalist Edwin A. Sumcad, recipient of multi-excellence awards in Journalism, published in the Philippine & Asian Report of Southern California.

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Comment by Anonymous
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Anyone who can switch on the light knowledge without resorting to name-calling is always welcome.

To JV … I welcome your comment of support in exposing this over-population "poison" that "anti-social freaks" are dosing out worldwide or at least to the readers of this website. I neither doubt what you said that you "can write" as fast as I can nor do I entertain any second thought that you "can think" as much as I can … or even can think more than I can.

It is really more than enough for me to know that at least I have your company, or at least learn that someone is somewhere around me or nearby who can think and write like me in a place where being alone makes a forlorn environment so unfriendly and at times even extremely hostile.

I can even take in PureTrust’s company who CAN think the way we do, although he happens to be one who doesn’t trust the Government or who finds any need for a Government as purely ornamental, so to speak. He is across the other end of the spectrum just opposite to where I stand that Government is fundamentally necessary in the lives of the people in a democratic society like ours. The Government is not like this empty can in the middle of the road that we can kick aside with spite and scorn as we walk the path of our lives day in and day out. You can hate the people that run the Government and get rid of them, but not the Government itself.

My real pet peeves are those less fortunate two-legged creatures in our midst with a mind of the proverbial bat that hangs upside down. To me they smell terribly bad because like a hanging bat they bathe themselves with their own mental excretions.

For example, a macabre bat-like mind that tells people to shoot and kill cops because a "good cop is only a dead cop" is not only fundamentally wrong but has a strong pungent odor that rolls everyone’s head like a spinning top, which is worse than what the ordinary hanging bat that smells like a dead rat does or can do to the people’s extended intellectual nostrils. Just because you hate the Government intensely deep down the marrow of your bones you have to hate all cops too, and it no longer matters whether these are good or bad cops.

You can loathe the State, despise the System, deride the Government or hate this country as much as you like until you turn blue, but you cannot spread this hatred to millions of Americans and force them to share your belief that this nation is an "Evil Empire" that you must destroy by means fair or foul. You will be looked down as the enemy within especially if you do that to those who love this country more than life itself – specifically to those who defend this country in war and whose love ones had died in the battlefield or had done the ultimate sacrifice with the highest honor they could give to, for and in behalf of this nation they could possibly love the most.

Comment by Anonymous
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Thanks, JV. Let me help you … the name of the writer you are referring to is Frosty Wooldridge. Due to his anti-population rants, his notoriety is in being ignored rather than being read. He still occasionally appears in this website but nobody reads the monotony of what he is complaining about. Nobody is foolish enough to share his imagination that runs wild.

Comment by Anonymous
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Good work, Bakadude!

With this excellent work, I have this only to say: I am fairly new in patronizing, and yet I have already noticed that there are a few claustrophobic authors that make a mistake of thinking that this website is their toilet bowl where they can discharge their mental and emotional wastes on the subjects of immigration invasion and population control.

I am taking your position here as a stark reminder. The hawkish extreme right should be careful to avoid acting like "Rambo", and that is to "criminalize" more than 400k undocumented immigrants and like ordinary criminals shoot them dead! This "mean-spiritedness" could make Obama win the 2012 presidential election hands down.

Of all the claustrophobic writers I came across in this website, I take exception of this notorious one [I couldn’t even remember his name as I write this comment obviously because he is not worth remembering] who in terms of mental hygiene, contaminate the mind of readers as he spreads the epidemic of fear that population growth and human consumption would end the world sooner than later.

What you have written here should put this population scaremongering to rest.

Again, thanks Bakadude for hitting the nail right on the head!



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