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St. Louis cops harassing motorist whose videotape resulted in the firing of a local cop

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When Darrow walked outside, he noticed two officers sitting in a marked squad car, numbered 65. "As I got into the car, he started to pull up the street and he and his partner just stared me down," Darrow explained.

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Comment by William Patriot
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Yes they are out of public control for the present.
We should never travel alone,if possiblehave a friend who will aid you in a confrentation.
Remember these jokers are appointed ! No one elected them for office. Only the sheriff is elected by the people who have the obligation to protect us from these misguided thugs.
The Police chief's are to blame for accepting grants and ordering cops to comply with their wishes. Get rid of them !
In reality the cops should be arresting their so called superiors for not obeying their oath of office.
Woulden't that be a kick in the head, as Dean Martin would say ?

Comment by Morpheus
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these people are OUT OF CONTROL.