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A Bank of their own

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"Developing nations must create their own mechanisms of finance instead of suffering under those of the IMF and the World Bank, which are institutions of rich nations ... it is time to wake up." That was Lula Da Silva, the president of Bra

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Comment by William Patriot
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Thinking & acting against the establishement of globalization & new world order. Hats off to those who correct the problems the elite create.
Time for the north American people to do the same thing while we are placing Ron Paul in office,perfect timeing for a new government to emerge and to discard the old !
All we need to do is ignore this corrupt government and tell it all it's laws are null and void and they are ALL unemployed !
This is our constitutional right and obligation if we wish to remain free from Bush,Clinton, Bush,Cheney, treason, and be proud of our government as well as the rest of the world who seek freedom.
Never again to meddle in the affairs of others with treaties,and our military.
Live in peace and prosparity for a change !
We can round up the traitors as they are exposed, They have already been convicted of war crimes by the world court in the Hague in the Netherlands.