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Keeping the Love in the r3VOLution

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Comment by William Shaw
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I agree on Ron Paul being himself on all issues and honesty will prevail .
I disagree on many issues you quote from the scriptures.
The majority of people believe all scriptures are the true inspired word of God. WRONG !
Don**Q****Q**t stop reading yet if you wish to learn something.
King James revised the new testament to convience his subjects that he was placed on his throne by God, Proof of this lie is a quote from God in scripture : If the rulers, judges,obey my commandments ,statutes & judgements, write them down and refer to them daily, then I have placed them in their position of authority, If they do not do this, I have not !
Also Jesus told Peter and the others to sell their clothes & buy a sword, for he knew what was coming.
Unlike what is preached today, Jesus did NOT come to save the world, but stated he came to turn family members against one another. (Matthew)
Thou shalt have no other gods before me !
Yet all we hear is the worship of Jesus, who never once stated we should worship him. He states many times to worship GOD.
Paul is the deceiver,who many times states just the opposite of what God & Jesus states.
Research carefully before quoting so called scripture,remember many scribes were involved with this book, transulations and influence of those in power were involved over the centuries. It was only called ,the Bible, before King James who named it Holy Bible for more emphasis of his appointment.

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