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Scottsdale Arrests Photo Radar Protester, But Did Police Break His Toe, Too?

• By Ray Stern - NEW TIMES
Another Web site,, has also taken up the mission of defending Shelton, going so far as to run a "Shelton Defense Fund" that is seeking $4,000.

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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What you have here is an example of journalism versus reporting. In journalism you dutifully take boilerplate from the government and report it. You report past arrests from the government reports. You assign labels to the accused, witnesses and supporters because it makes you feel better to label people. It points to an agenda, because everybody must have an agenda. I note the police spokesmen have no problem reading a police report and releasing selective excerpts, yet no one else: neither myself, Mr. Sterns nor the public can get a copy of this public report until a few weeks have transpired -- usually when the suspect gets his hearing and the prosecutor produces the report for the defense to read does the report become available for the public.

Yes, what the police state is a lie. Oh, someone may have identified themselves falsely, but it wasn't Shelton. But that doesn't stop the police dep't. spokesperson from lying and the journalist from dutifully reporting it along with the standard boilerplate that they used for Rodney King of he was perfectly fine when he left here.

And as for one of the people interviewed who were holding signs who did not want to admit they were there, nor identify those who were, I just cannot imagine why ... unless it had to do with the police spokesman who told the Arizona Republic that they were looking for the other two... kind of has a way of silencing demonstrations, doesn't it. Why don't you report on that?... Journalists have ethics?

Comment by Ernest Hancock
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Not once did Shelton give any name.

Can you spell V I D E O T A P E :)

At least they spelled most things correctly.