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How Cells Age

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Parallels between mice and yeast uncover a potentially universal mechanism of aging.

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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While this is new research, it is based upon much older observations. Aging is one of three great mysteries in biology. There is actually no good reason why cells (and organisms) grow old and die... or if you prefer, start to make errors or deliberately turn on genes that eventually lead to death for that cell and the organism. Cells are normally renewing. Every molecule in every cell is renewed many times over time. But for some reason, the seeds of our mortality die to "aging" is hard wired into us. Those reasons have been widely speculated upon, but to this day remain unresolved. Why do we age? We do not know.

[The other two great questions are, Why do we sleep? (may have something to do with the immune system) And, Why do we have sex? (which leads to great jokes)]