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Justice Ginsburg Has Pancreatic Cancer

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg had surgery after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, the court said. Pancreatic cancer is often deadly, although the court said doctors apparently found Ginsburg's cancer at an early stage.

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Comment by Fascist Nation
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or Bill.

or Jeb.

Comment by Don Wills
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OMG - that's Hillary's seat (the liberal woman's seat).

If the doctors operated then the prognosis is a bit better than dead in 12 weeks that is typical (and is what happened to my father). Ginsburg might make it 24 months with Gemcytabin, but basically she's toast. Too bad even though I don't agree with her politics. It's a lousy way to die.

It will be quite interesting to see who Obamaman chooses, although giving to Hillary would make a whole lot of sense for several reasons.

Comment by Brock
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I hope she doesn't have too much nausea or pain.

Comment by Fascist Nation
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1. This is not earth shaking since Obama would presumably appoint someone of similar political persuasion.

2. The odds of surviving pancreatic cancer are around 6%. The most lethal cancer known.

3. The odds of being alive 12 weeks from now are not good.

4. Of course they caught it early; she has the finest health care the tax payers can afford. It is why she supports the system so wholeheartedly. It has supported her into a top dictator position; a pampered member of the oligarchy.