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USA Today Poll on Gun Ownership

• e-mail from Dan Endsley (Thanks Dan!)
So far over a MILLION votes and 97% say YES - the Second Amendment acknowledges the individual's right to firearms ownership (it doesn't 'give' it to us).

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Comment by DelCartero
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This poll has been active since November 2007; hence the high number of responses. In addition, you can vote as often as you like since the poll doesn't no filtering (not even for IP addresses) to prevent voting early and often. In short, while the results seem to overwhelmingly support gun ownership, the poll is about as unscientific as it can possibly be. Oh, and the question is poorly worded from a gun rights standpoint as well.

Comment by foundZero
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Apparently at least as many Americans put their money where that vote is. Gun stores are still backordered for all the popular models.