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Devotion to God

• Christine Smith's Blog
"Simply have the humility to seek. Resistance only comes from your pride. Relinquish pride, and pray."

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Comment by Bill Holmes
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I thought the article was a satire, but you actually believe such nonsense. Sorry, but there is no Santa Clause, and the only place left for any imaginary God is the physics of the universe from which all else is the result.

Comment by foundZero
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It's 8:00 AM here in Arizona and looking to be a fine day in the high desert.

Although not a Christian, I'm very happy to see this post titled "Devotion to God" for in these times, as we fully anticipate troubles, it's especially important to those of us with faith to know that our troubles, no matter they seem, are temporary.

It's so sunny here and all the birds are chirping and one can't help but wonder how the atheists can enjoy our sense of providence. But perhaps we need not pray for them for the sun shines on them just the same.

Mitakuye Oyasin.