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New Hampshire House of Representatives votes against HCR 6

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In a stunning denial of their oath of office, members of the House of Representatives today voted 216-150 to defeat HCR 6, the bill that sought to reaffirm the US and NH Constitutions. A massive rally was held ahead of the vote.

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Comment by Hawkeye
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So what?
Do you really think Americans will do anything about it?
The Constitution is being trashed all over America,and what have the so called "Home Of The Brave" done up to this point to save the Constitution......NOTHING!!
I see all kinds of things the "Home of the Brave" are doing online,and that`s because they don`t want freedom bad enough to go in the streets...."Home of the Gutless" is more like it.
Having obama as you leader goes to show just how ignorant and STUPID you ,chicken shit Americans really are.