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Martial-law gun rights bill passes Idaho House

• The Spokesman Review
HB 229 declares that during a such states including martial law, invasion or insurrection, “No government authority will have the right to come and pick up our arms and ammunition.

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Comment by William1950
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It is not the lone citizen that scares both criminals and government it is if two or more start talking and demand that have a say and action in protecting their homes, neighborhoods and towns both during times of danger and when it takes a cop twenty minutes to respond to a rape or attack. To be truth ful the best weapon to have is a shotgun. The first load of bird shot the second large slugs. Nothing, except the click click of an automatic causes a criminal to flee then the snip snap of a pump.
I feel that each state should also enact a law with funding of civil home guards. Groups who train in police, medical, control of access points and roads plus can be called out to support the police in bad times. This is fought tooth and nail by police and governments because, as I have said they can control on legal gun owner, they are not equipt to handle a hundred, highly trained men and women in combat gear who have decided they want safe streets.

Comment by RickStone
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Progress has been made for the people. Keep the momentum going. Every state needs to pass this law. Let our govenment must know that we will not take it laying down. A famous move line comes to mind here " I am mad as hell and I won't take it any more" +1 for the good guys!

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