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Efforts to control border violence target 'straw' gun purchases

• Yuma Sun
The bilateral effort of the United States and Mexico to stem the flow of illegal firearms across the border has brought the "straw" purchase of firearms into the forefront. According to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, an estimat

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Comment by RShackleford
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Ya' Know...I have bought literally oodles of guns and not one of them have ever been sold to a Mexican Cartel, Gangland, Idiot, Moron, Murderer....

It is too bad that there are a few Innocent people getting caught in the crossfire of these thugs....If it was just the slimebags murdering each other...I would take up a collection and ship them extra ammo!!!

By the way, other sources say that only 10%- 17% of the guns originate or come in to Meheeho by way of the United States....

Wow!....This just came to me! know what might stop this....?

A Fence!!! ...I can't believe is that simple...

Comment by William1950
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This is a political comment to be used to inflame the stupid in America. The interesting parts are when they could not give names to those they say are buying the weapons for resale and the exact number of people who in the last year have sold guns to the cartels.
Ya, someone might be buying a truck load of guns, ya, a dealer is just going to sell him a hundred rifles and five hindred thousand rounds and ya we don't know for sure if it happened or not..... But they might and it may have happened some time in the past!!!!!!
Great, the political writers at it again.