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Texas governor's secession talk a laughing matter on Capitol Hill

• McClatchy News
[first they laugh at you] There's been an almost universal reaction in the halls of Congress to Gov. Rick Perry's suggestion that Texas maybe, ought to secede from the union. Laughter.

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Hi Powell, I'm a Texan and I feel Insulted for the Laughter from the Convicted Felons, Drunks, Whoremongers, Theives and anything else that's hidden in the Public Records. I Hope and Pray Every Day that we DO Secede fFrom the Tyrannical Powers in Washington that are Trashing OUR Constitution and OUR Country.
I've had enough of this Illegal Arb African that is posing as an African American. He is NOT an Ameri9can and is NOT a Born-again Christian./ He is a Well Trained Musim with ISLAMIC Tendencies......GOD Bless you for spreading the Truth

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