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Parabolic jump in the last minute of trading: Fixed Markets?

So as essentially no institutional or retail clients are trading any more, it is just a few desperate computers trying to front run each other. And, of course, for the biggest beneficiary of this PT principal bonanza, look no further than the chart below.

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Comment by Sharon Jarvis
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The price of oil and gas are going up quite a bit despite reports that every form of transportation is down. That's right, trains, planes, cars, trucks--less traffic because the economy sucks, people are staying home, and truckers aren't delivering goods because retail sales are off by 50%. If oil keeps going up it's because of market speculation, which our lousy Congress never does anything about.

Comment by William Klepzig
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I thought, perhaps, I was the only person left in this country that found it strange the market was going up. True it is not hundreds of points each day, but! over a week it has been climbing while every indicator across the nation and world has be negative. But then I understood. The very same people who trained the now group in Washington also trained the bankers that failed and the investment agencies that have it all wrong. Perhaps our education system has failed, at the highest levels, the pride of the Ivey league schools is a dismall failure business and government!