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Radioactive cheese graters imported from China

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Exactly how did these slip by the Homeland Security folks, who supposedly are screening all the cargo coming into the nation's ports to keep out nuclear bombs? And how much other crap from China has made it through that is radioactive?

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Comment by Chip Saunders
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 I take your criticism in stride Brock, for I know your aim is to be helpful.

I think it is a prudent conclusion that the item did not become radioactive while here, and likely became so at its source. That another has been found seems to support the theory. When these things come into the country, it is not in a few cases, but by container load after container load. That these cheese graters were discovered to be radioactive at all is astounding;...I mean who would think to check for such a thing AFTER importation?

Only because the source of these products (China) has repeatedly proven to be so totally unconcerned with the health effects of their exports, do the dots connect to form a logical conclusion.

As for the article itself; role here is to point out news items, written by persons other than myself, that seem to not be getting sufficient attention or coverage via the MSM. Occasionally I write something myself, and those pieces are labelled as penned by me. In this instance, all I did was add a brief synopsis of my take on the news article I was referring the readers to. As always, the responsibility of critical analysis and discernment is on the reader. That is not to say I have no responsibility,...I do. And in that I believe my comments are logical deductions, I stand by them and accept all commentary on them. Were I the actual author/writer of the news piece, the standard to which I could/should be held would be higher.

Your concern about the image and esteem that Freedom's Phoenix is held in, however, is quite legitimate. Certainly, we don't wish to damage ourselves through serious errors. While I do not think this reaches to that level, neither is it my call. Like you, I am a guest here and serve at the pleasure of the publisher. I am confident that if they find it problematic, I shall be corrected and given a proper talking-to.

Comment by Patriot 2012
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Pretty obvious....why should it be business as usual for these criminal dept in America? They constantly break the law....and the American People are WHIMPS to do anything about it. All you Americans should stop working....but guess what? With the unemployment going sky high, there will be soon enough of us out of work that we will finally come to realize with burning passion where the problems come from! DC!!!! All those depts spending OUR Money and no accountablity. People....soon it will be time to take up arms and start the revolution. YOU MUST !

Comment by Brock
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Hey, guess what?  This story was featured on Free Talk Live tonight as the top story on Freedom's Phoenix!


I'm going to pick on Chip, because I know he'll understand.  Slipshod editing is going to be featured on this international radio show, so any errors are going to reflect on all of us.


For example, this story sources one cheese grater to China.  Not two, not three, or any other number that would justify the plural of "grater".  According to the story, another was found and they don't know jack squat about it.


If you want to write an opinion piece about cheese graters from China, please do.  If you want to investigate and expose the Chinese radioactive cheese grater conspiracy, even better.


But, choose your sources wisely and quote them fairly, or you are going to look like an ass and, by association, we all are.