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The Empire Strikes Back: FTC Plans to Regulate Blogs

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Go ahead, Uncle $cam. Try it. Not only do I need a good laugh, but this will do more to erode what remains of your power than any of your enemies could have hoped to accomplish by other means.

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Comment by PureTrust
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We need to find a way to keep the free changing hands of information with anonymity (if desired) from dying! 

Comment by TheRockster
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Liars lie. Thieves steal. Psychopaths seek positions of power and, once they have them, they use them to abuse and bully others. This is news?

Comment by Paul The cab driver
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 We need to start a massive boycott of government.  Start by refusing to buy any government services, and use the minimum of those services offered for "free".  Second, don't invest in government bonds of any kind.  Third, stop paying taxes.  Fourth, ignore any and all "laws" that get in your way or that you don't like.  Make absolutely every dealing you have with government as long and expensive for them as possible.  In short, we need to be as unsubmissive as possible.  As for the blogs, if you are running one now, consider oberating 30 or 40 more.  And use off-shore ISPs.  I am sure that the more tech savvy among us can show how to lay a trail so long and crooked it would take half a week to figure out who posted what on what blog.  the more sand we put in the gears, the quicker the machine comes to a halt.

Comment by JustinTyme
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While I do find this rather chilling.  I assumed that they were scrutinizing all of the blogs anyway and if they didn't have a special law allowing them to go after the bloggers, they'd use some other one, understanding that the blogger probably couldn't afford to defend themselves against the Empire's vast resources.  The scariest thing about this, I believe, is the fact that  they're going to go after the advertisers.  Thus, making them refuse affiliations with bloggers and squelching free speech preemptively.

Maybe, we need a "Return of the Jedi" and quit wasting our time and energy trying to get people elected withiin this broken system and instead focus our efforts and money on defeating those that keep violating our rights and their oaths of office (pretty much all of them).  I know if we don't vote for the annointed ones, we get the [insert political opposition here]'s guy and that's just not acceptable.  But, if enough of us did this, somebody would get a clue.

Comment by Lucky Red
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Well, that's how it goes.  When Fascism/Communism set in, the first thing that goes is freedom of speech and the ability to dissent.  This is only step one of many...