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North American Integration: Deep-Rooted Agenda Continues

• Dana Gabriel
North American integration is a deep-rooted agenda that continues on many different fronts. This has not changed under an Obama administration. Posted on the U.S. Department of State’s website calendar of events is the fifth annual North American Leaders Summit, which is set to take place August 8-11 in Mexico.  

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Comment by TL Winslow
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There is nothing wrong with the idea of North America uniting under a single government. The real question is what govt., and the only answer can be the U.S. govt. A lame idea to create a parliament where the existing Mexican and Canadian govts. continue to exist and have an equal vote that they can use to drag the U.S. down to their level is the real reason the NAU sucks. That's probably also the reason that all alleged negotiations on it are secret and patriotic Americans are so alarmed.

It would be wise for real patriotic Americans to see the handwriting on the wall and take the initiative, proposing that both Mexico and Canada dissolve their govts. and join the U.S. as new states, with seats in Congress where they have a vote based on number of states and population, but not equal votes with the whole U.S., which also finally brings down the stupid borders and permits mass intermigration, equalizing development and opportunities, and in Mexico's case, leading to a great increase in GDP as the 5.8K mi. coastline is flocked to by millions of "gringos". The only two things that have to be overcome are racism and language prejudice, and I think they can be. Let economics dictate who speaks what, I'm sure English will be here to stay for a long long time.

Obviously Mexico is the most needful for a megamerge now, after which the example will make it easier to entice smug Canada to try it. Click to read my well thought-out proposal and see how the horrible spectre of a NAU can made to vanish under an avalanche of new stars on Old Glory, with the U.S. never losing its sovereignty or compromising its real principles.

Comment by Lola Flores
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Well, they're doing a great job.  We, the working stiff of the once great nation of the United States, are now almost as poor as the Mexicans laborers.  So, the transition should be easy, smoth and, above all, cheap.