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Cheney 'silenced CIA over spy plan'

• aljazeera
Dick Cheney, the former US vice-president, deliberately withheld details of a secret CIA spy programme from the US congress for eight years, a newspaper has reported. Cheney, who was vice-president to George Bush between 2001 and January this year, ordered the CIA not to tell congress of a new "counter-terrorism" programme, The New York Times reported on Saturday......

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Comment by James Higginbotham
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if he did withhold infomation from congress, then its a GOOD thing, congress can NEVER keep its big mouth shut, their a FOUNTAIN of info for the ENEMIES of the USA.


Comment by Hawkeye
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The CIA does what it is told to hell with America,to hell with their own families..these people are disgusting to say the least.

I wonder if their mothers know what these low life pukies are capable of?

I say hang Cheney on the White House lawn,and the others right behind him.

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