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One Patriot Down- A visit from the SS (Secret Service) in South Carolina

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Comment by Found Zero
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I think the best time for any federal agent to visit a patriot in Arizona would be right about now, at least in the high desert because all the tomatoes and peppers are just coming ripe now. Some of the fresh salsas we are making now are beyond delectable. Just full of flavor. Now with just a bit of advance notice we could send somebody into town for some really nice fresh blue corn tortilla chips and some nice avocados por una guacamole e que delicioso senor! 

Lo sciento pero cuando hablamos por las comidas aqui, en Arizona, siempre hablamos espanol. A veces. Viva Whateva!

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Here is the first link:

That apparently this guy (Tony E. Baker -- about three minutes into the video) responded to.   The fact that he did not try to hide behind a pseudonym WILL make it look better, but the SS being lazy may have picked on him first because he was easy to look up.  It is why, while I use the handle "Fascist Nation" I always ID myself by my real name and location.  I want the PR.

Here is the video that the SS apparently objected to:

The SS should stick to instructing people what not to say:

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Another good reason to have a security screen on your door and a camera.

And the correct response after getting as much information as to what this is about is to ask, "gosh, can anything I say to you be used against me in a court?"  Of course, no matter what they say, your next response should be to direct them to your criminal defense attorney and refuse to answer ANY questions, like "are you aware of a video posted on Youtube in which a man says, "I pledge to lock and load?"  Then they get you to admit it is you.  Then....

To avoid what this dullard went through, repeat after me:  Never, ever talk to the authorities!  If they are talking to you, you are a suspect which means they have already made up their minds and NOTHING you say to them can help you, and by talking to them they get to say you said whatever they wish to say you said and they will be believed. And your poor lawyer -- instead of trying to get you off -- instead has to work to get your sentence reduced.

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