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Officials see rise in militia groups across US

• American Resistance Movement

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Comment by Edgar Castelo
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Here's a quote from Ghandi, for all those anti-gun leftist jerks:

"Among the many misdeeds of the British rule in India, history will look upon the Act depriving a whole nation of arms as the blackest."

Always the same Commie Hypocrisy crap, Stretch Pelosi gets attacked, it's poor Bamby being shot, Sarah Palin gets Media-lynched, it's just some good'ol Tom and Jerry Cartoons! 

Comment by Charles Hallam
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Who is this "Lucky Red" guy on here? Every comment I read from him, he sounds like a a shill for Obumma. I guess the forum  here has to be "balanced" according to whatever stinkin' law that was passed, but this guy really whines a lot. Red, are ya called "lucky red" cause you're really  a communist? Just wondering.


Comment by Patriot 2012
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if the  SPLC were in the Days of our founding Fathers, they would be Lined up and Shoot as the Enemy of America. May happen again down the road though. Their Double Speak is an example of how twisted their organization is. They are the Hated Filled group.

Comment by Freed Radical
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The "Ohio Militia" guy appears to be a DHS troll to make gun owners and believers in the Bill of Rights look bad. Don't take the bait... Eric New
Comment by Lola Flores
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 I'm just curious:  are all these 'militia groups' wearing 10-gallon hats, spurs and driving pick up trucks with gun racks?

Comment by Rainy Day
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Maybe the SPLC should start an investigation on themselves as a HATE GROUP!

"The SPLC is a nonprofit civil rights group that, among other activities, investigates hate groups."


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