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The 'Second American Revolution' Has Begun

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 "The third shot of the "Second American Revolution" has been fired...  But just as with the first two shots, the third shot is not being heard."

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Comment by Lucky Red
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 I'm sitting down and holding my breadth!

Comment by Sharon Jarvis
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It is absolutely true that America is seething.  But spouting right-wing rhetoric and quoting Celente, whose agenda does not match the interests of the general population, is no help.  We are going down the tubes because both Republicans and Democrats sell themselves to the highest bidder to the detriment of the entire country.  However, it is the Republicans who are responsible for many of our current problems, including two undeclared wars, financial greed and corruption (by deregulating safeguards), and the spread of disinformation.  Unfortunately the average American doesn't pay attention to facts and is afraid any change will make things worse.