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Laredo man says Border Patrol agents abuse their authority

Carlos Gonzalez says getting home to his ranch off highway 83 just north of Laredo means having to battle border patrol agents. “It's just harassment in its purest form out there.” He says he's been tailgated and followed onto his property for no apparent reason, not once but twice this week. “This is the second time in four days, four days apart I’ve had these incidents." He says this adds to a list of other instances over the past few months. On Monday night he was even maced, after asking an agent to leave his property.

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Comment by Patriot 2012 (20351)
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This is an example of Blantant Authority, The border patrol talks about protecting themselves? Well....attention Americans, it is time and I mean time to arm yourselves and hit BACK! We have got to stop being Wusseys! if the Feds cannot protect and at the same time put out this message that they are Masters over us, then we have got to start hitting back. I can say that all those abusers in the border patrol, FBI, DHS, CIA, we will mark you down the road and will have the passion to see the fear in your eyes before we line you up in a firing Squad. The border patrol especially is suppose to protecting the border against outside enemies. Personally the border patrol if they dont get their stuff together, we have to start considering them as Domestic Enemies! 

Comment by Found Zero (11589)
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Maced on his own property. For asking an agent to leave.

If you ask me, sounds like the man was assaulted by an agent. This renders the agent both a violent criminal and a trespasser.

Comment by Lola Flores (20562)
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 Border Patrol agents abuse their authority?  NOOOO! That's outrageous!  Who do I complaint to?