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Children as Young as Five to Learn About Masturbation and Abortion Under New UN Guidelines

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Children as young as five should be taught about explicit sex acts, according to guidelines from the United Nations. 

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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Well I figured out how to enter a comment when it is not on the front page.

I owe Ed an apology. 

This article was placed on his own FP page, and appeared on the front page as a bug.  This will be dealt with by the web master eventually, but he can put whatever he wants on his own page.

Comment by Psychictaxi
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I don't know where to start!  : )

1. I didn't catch the date of the original article (September 2009) when I saw it for the first time this morning, having tracked it to the source from Jeff Rense's site as credited (unlike SOME who direct traffic to a site belonging to themselves to generate personal revenue.  For the record I get no renumeration from Ernest Hancock or Freedom's Phoenix whatsoever).

2. Because of the sheer volume of articles and editorials, combined with the videos and other submissions that increase daily, I do not see everything posted on the Front Page of The Global Edition, or everything available for use on THE R3VOLUTION CONTINUES Edition (not everything submitted gets used). 

3. I had nothing to do with the subject article being posted on the Global Edition.  I guarantee that it is the first time regular viewers of my page will be seeing this information, and that is the target audience I edit this page for.  The one time I used a story submitted by Mr. Stachowiak I noticed my mistake (because of reason listed in #1) and haven't repeated it.  I have never taken anyone to task for anything done on the Global page because that's Ernie and Powell's Universe, with Tyger in tow.  Being a #1 person by Ernie's standards (one that wants to be left alone) I limit my freedom to what happens in "The Green Zone" as I like to think of it here, and I stand by my posting.


Comment by Powell Gammill
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A freakin men! 

Comment by freedomfighterradio
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Ed this story was posted on Freedoms Phoenix on Sept 3 already BY ME. This is almost two weeks old so this is not news just another repeat. Jim of

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