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Save the Greenback, Mr. President


 try to be optimistic about better earnings, a stock market rally and economic recovery. And I’m sticking to my guns. But what we’re seeing right now is pretty darn close to what we witnessed in the 1970s—the rise in gold and inflation really cuts into the stock market.

 So what’s the way out?

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 Well for starters, we need a stable dollar to stop inflationary pressures. And we also need lower tax rates to spur the economy, help it grow, and reduce unemployment.

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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There is no saving the greenback.  It is mathematically impossible.  It has been impossible since 2006, and maybe earlier.  And there is no political will to make moves to save the greenback --- indeed, the political will is to do things that hasten its demise.  After all we have yet another election to get past. Expediency to make things appear to be better for votes is time honored.  The bill comes due in November, 2010.

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