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Turn in your Neighbor for $1000

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Comment by waypast hadenough
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This country needs a $1000 bounty per head on "Liberals." Dead only.

"Liberal" season is the only thing that will fix this mess if it can be fixed.

Don't understand? Start here:

 Then share and prepare.


Comment by Lola Flores
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 Thank you, lord!  I knew that somewhere, there had to be an advantage to being surrounded by Right-Wing Fundie Nuts. 

I believe that, at last, my boat has come in!


Comment by Kim Miller
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 Hell yeah, we've got the right to use our guns on another human being, if they are threatening or hurting yourself and family.  DUH!!!

Comment by Kim Miller
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Guns need to be turned back on these communist fucks and let them know once and for all, this is the UNITED STATES of AMERICA, sworn by our Constitution and the RIGHT to BEAR  ARMS!!!!!!!!  Come to SOUTH DAKOTA and tell all our pheasant hunters you want their guns.  They just might think you're a "bird" in the grass and shoot your ass.  Obanism needs to be smoked out once and for all.  We have brains to think for ourselves and that doesn't mean we need to be the fucking governments puppets/robots.  Obama and all his gun grabbin' fools will get what's comin' if they think they are going to start a "narc-for-guns" program.   

Comment by KDK Klein
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All humans deserve the right to carry a firearm, or to HAVE/OWN a firearm... However, humans do not have the RIGHT to use them on another being.   There is a BIG difference.  If you allow the gov to define rights in such a broad manner, everyone is a criminal.


Again, the details need to specify that those convicted of violence using a gun should not be able to own one, temporarily, until their sentence is completed.  The gov is out of control and they don't give us the right to self protection; sorry, poster. 

Comment by Ron Boyte
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 Although FP's headline drew me in, it in itself is misleading; and inciting. The language appears to be the norm these days for all sides of all issues. I personally believe the move by the Mayor of  Newark is a brilliant one. The key word in his video promotion of the program is "illegal!" The term should have been expounded upon. Nonetheless, I wish him, and his city success. There are definitely too many guns out there, being toted by persons who have no legal rights to own, or carry them.