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When Will Inflation Really Hit Us?

• RevolutionaryPolitics
Most of us are gathered at the station, watching for the Inflation Express to come rumbling in. But we’ve been waiting for a while now. Just when should we expect the big locomotive to arrive and start pushing the prices of most things uphill?

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Comment by foundZero
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Hey whoever posted that lost comment, that was about as tight a nutshell as anyone could ask it to be fit into: inflation in currency and deflation in credit markets.

This nails the essential fallacy of watching the pumps to call inflation. And it poses only one question: how can this be or why is this happening?

The answer, while not entirely new, is making the rounds. People now talk of the "real economy" as opposed to the "market economy" as being decoupled. Which indeed they are. If anyone so much as breathes the words "trickle down" in your life time, hit them with a baseball bat or a waffle iron.

Comment by Anonymous
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Stop the mental ma***urbation on this.  There is inflation in the currency market and there is deflation in the credit market.  This means that inflation will come but not for a while, except in basic mats and food.

So read your lew rockwell.  Stock up on barter goods.  Pay down your debts.  Get some precious metals like brass and lead for barter and other uses and relax and worry about and work on other things.