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Scientology, Seizures, and Science

• The Atlas Society
Atlas Society Executive Director Ed Hudgins looks at the tragic results of any belief system based on a rejection of reason and critical examination using Scientology as an example.

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Comment by doc-S
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 Although I've been familiar with Scientology since 1988 my comments were directed at the completely blind adherence to the medical paradigm. The medical paradigm kills millions of people a year, MILLIONS. And yet those that embrace it turn around and accuse anyone who doesn't embrace it (which there are many of) of the very things they are guilty of.

Yes, I'm am familiar with those that have been abused by Scientology but it just doesn't compare. I am also familiar with the many lives their technology has saved.

Those that embrace the medical paradigm also say Chiropractic is bad, cleansing regimes, herbal therapy, meridian therapy, etc. etc. Yet those therapies don't KILL millions of people a year. MILLIONS. So I must ask, Where's your heart man??? Are you going to blindly believe what articles or any dialog that comes from their camp?

I'm sorry I can't. I've participated in their contrived wars. I've suffered their chemical poisonings and so-called "terminal" disease. I've been actively getting sick people well for over 30 years. I have watched the medical paradigm murder friends of mine, patients of mine, family members of mine. I've watched their vaccines turn normal healthy babies into autistic vegetables. I've seen people drop over dead from a simple flu shot. And yet you defend them. Why???

They accuse us in Natural Healing, or anyone that isn't doing it their way, of the very things they are guilty of. They get away with it because of their phony, credentialed,  positioned, politically correct status they have given themselves. You and people like you literally worship them.

Genocide is genocide my good man, and if you chose to embrace it you'll surely be a victum of it someday. 

As far as opening a dialog with M. Hudgins, lets do it in public with a sizable audience. But those that embrace the medical paradigm will not lower themselves to participate to such public scrutiny. Their rational goes something like this. We would just elivate them to our status if we dignified them by even talking to them. 

The last public debate with anyone in the medical profession that I saw was Dr. Steven Barett defending the medical paradigm debating Dr. Ian Grassum who defended the natural healing paradigm, specifically chiropractic, over in Detroit. Barett got booed and laughed off the stage.

The medical paradigm can't stand up to public scrutiny, or real scientific scrutiny AND THEY KNOW IT.

They rely on people like you who blindly follow and worship them. So say what you will about Scientology but they are doing one thing very right. They are the only religion on the planet that will not tolerate the medical paradigm and actively fight those responsible for the genocide. They don't santion murder and won't allow you to become a member as long as you're on drugs.

So it doesn't matter if it's Scientology, Chiropractic, herbal regimes, cleansing regimes, tissue specific nutrition, or whatever. If it doesn't embrace the medical paradigm you will hear from them how dangerous it is and how dreadfully bad the people that practice it are.

Wake up man, It's one of the first rules of conquest. Blame your enemy of the very things you are guilty of.     

References for the beginer: Ian Crane's lecture on the Codex Alimentarious. Anything by Dr. Andrew Moulden. Gray Nulls book "Death by Medicine". Dr.Len Horowitz recent lawsuit against the Rockefeller Trust.

You and Mr.Hudgens need to learn some factual history. As for me? I've lived it, I've experienced it firsthand. I know of what  speak and will continue to get sick people well applying the Natural Healing Paradigm and I'll also continue to fight those that bring the genocide.

Doc Sutter 

Comment by Mike Renzulli
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 My mom was a psychiatric nurse for about 20 years. I also happen to appreciate and support much of what Dr. Thomas Szasz says as well and, thanks to him, have become more critical of her former field of employment.

My dad was an Episcopalian priest as well and, up until 2006, I was a practicing Christian some 36 years.

That being said, it is clear that the religion of Scientology is just as perverse and evil as other religions around the world and the psychiatrists they claim to be critical of.

Scientiology kills people just like psychiatrists can with their diagnoses and prescriptions along with the field's heavy links to governments and the powers granted them via licensure.

If you don't believe me about Scientology being a religion of death, read up on Lisa McPherson.

I also notice you did not rebut or try to deny the statements made by Ed about the core tenets/beliefs of the religion. I would suggest calling or e-mail Ed Hudgins and see if you can "enlighten" him.

I am sure it will be quite an education for you and help you "think outside the box".

Comment by doc-S
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 Commitment to reason and critical thinking??? Come on now. Better do some home work before you pick on the Scientologists.

Stats: 120,000 people a year DIE from the properly prescribed and taken prescription drugs. That's 10 times the poeple in one year that died in the 10 years of Vietnam.

Another 90,000 PER YEAR from secondary infection from hospital stays.

Consider that all the major diseases are preventable and indeed curable once acquired. I was once "terminal" with liver cancer. Been gone for 11 years now. Gone- not in remission.

Psyche drugs kill thousands of peope every year. Vaccinations also kill thousands of people every year and have been proven scietifically to cause Autism and learning disabilities. Dr. Andrew Mouldens work might be of interest to you if you were really looking for truth. 

That you don't "expose" the genocide done by orthodox medicine in the name of science states loud and clear you embrace the orthodox medical paradigm. Which completely obliterates your claim to reason and critical thinking.

Wake up Mr. Hudgins - It's later than you think.

Doc Sutter