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Today on - 11/11/2009

Wednesday, November 11, 2009
Bernanke as Mugabe's Assistant
Marc Faber on the dollar, gold, swine flu, and drinking with Canadians.
Hey, Diversityites
Walter Block writes to the hypocrites.
Vintage Ron Paul
The straight-talk you won't hear from anyone else.
To Buy Money
That's why you work, says Gary North.
How To Demilitarize Your Church
Laurence Vance on a veterans' day project.
Bullish on the Gold Standard
Peter Schiff on sound money, and sound holdings for you.
Blowback at Ft. Hood
Jacob Hornberger on yet another consequence of the US conquests of Iraq and Afghanistan.
The State Approaches You With a Poison Needle
Ron Paul on healthcare reform.
The Lords of Entitlement
Perpetual redistribution through the welfare state.
Don't Blame Your Metabolism
If you can't lose weight.
Lies About the Climate
Algorians are falling splat.