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Army's record suicide rate 'horrible,' general says

• Washington Post
Army Vice Chief of Staff Gen. Peter W. Chiarelli on Tuesday called the Army's record suicide rate this year "horrible" and said the problem of soldiers taking their own lives is the toughest he has faced in his 37 years in service.

As of Nov. 16, 140 soldiers on active duty and 71 soldiers not on active duty were suspected to have committed suicide. "We are almost certainly going to end the year higher than last year," which was also a record for Army suicides

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Comment by Trouser Chili
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How many of these were really suicides, vs how many shot themselves in the head twice with their rifles?

Comment by Lucky Red
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 Rate "horrible" and that must be in a scale of what?  Good, bad, worse and horrible?  Or horrible, horrendous and horrifying?  Now, this sounds like somethig produced by a kindergarden student.