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You Can't Handle The Truth!

• Scott Oliver of
Not many busy people, working hard to provide for their families will have even noticed the HUGE news that came out this week, but we all should. This is earth shaking news, this is a confirmation that the world as we know it will be totally transformed within the next 10-15 years and you know what? Your local newspaper will probably not even have mentioned it... You even have to dig for it in the Wall Street Journal. As a Wall Street trained investment advisor with some very influential clients in Costa Rica, for over twenty years a big part of my work has been studying geopolitics in an effort to quantify how various events could affect my client's global investments, George Soros - one of the world's most successful investors - calls this the "theory of reflexivity." Not everyone will believe me or agree with me, some of you may think I'm a lunatic and that's just fine, however, world affairs appear to have reached a dangerous tipping point which has compelled me to share t

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Comment by Ernest Hancock
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Publisher: The bottom line of this post is that we are being distracted from "the fact" that we are running out of oil. Regardless of the truth/untruth of that statement ,... I am of the opinion that the elimination of government subsidies and regulations on all energies would be solution.