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December 4, 2009 Radio Tracked Chemtrail Pilots MUST SEE

video by: Decsription: Just 2 hours on the Hill overlooking Brighton City and surrounding Counties, Hove, Shoreham, Worthing, woodingdean, etc, My radio scanner was plugged directly into the camera so the synch between the video and the camera is perfect as the Cam has a MIC input. They did so much chemtrailing before I got outside and after that I am making a Part 2 , without takes. I didnt hear one pilot above 3000ft!! but it seems Chemtrail pilots are using a callsign of "1101" heard that from more than one chemtrail pilot

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Comment by Annie Oakley
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If you’re too busy or lazy to go outside and look up to see what the above pic displays is actually happening in your skies . . then “Google” up the 1300+ page “Climate Change” Bill (HR 2454) and read about geo-engineering ! It will make chemtrailing (spraying of chemicals in our atmosphere which has been done illegally for years and done in a huge scale just prior to forecasted rain) legal! Beautiful blue skies and gorgeous clusters of clouds will be rare after this bill goes through! Take another look!!! Other bazaar weather manipulation projects such as self-levitating glass particles in our troposphere (area we breath) will be legal as well! Oh, and if you care to expand your knowledge about what the government does admit to, check out its HAARP Program that also manipulates weather by using electro magnetic pulses to steer storms or break them up and many times in conjunction with chemtrails to direct the pulses. The sky becomes rippled when the pulsing starts – just watch! No conspiracy theory – fact! And done using our tax dollars!! And let’s not take Zbigniew Brzezinski’s statement in his book, “Between Two Ages” too seriously either! I’m sure he doesn’t mean what he said when he stated, “Technology will make available, to the leaders of major nations, techniques for conducting secret warfare, of which only a bare minimum of the security forces need to be appraised . . techniques of weather modification could be employed to produce prolonged periods of drought or storm.” Research further and check out “Dyn-O-Mat’s” product, “Dyn-O-Drought” using “Dyn-O-Gel,” used in chemtrails (one spec absorbs 2,000 times its weight of moisture)! Plenty of articles, TV and other media on this product. If you’re connecting the dots yet, all the “toying” with weather isn’t for our good! Matter of fact, causing drought convinces a relatively naïve public that we have “global warming” and therefore need the “Climate Change” Bill! BTW, climate change has been going on since the beginning of time. The bill will financially ruin us (i.e., legislation of “green” technology, cap and trade tax, etc., etc.), do physical harm by way of geo-engineering, and place our sovereignty under the U.N. Hence, global problem (global warming) . . global solution = world government! Clever trap born from ignorance! Some are blowing whistles, ClimateGate! Thank God for these brave souls! And if you’re thinking of the drowning polar bears, watch the chemtrail activity over the ice caps in documentaries. Commercial planes going back and forth in the artic? HELLO?? Don Cline, Joe Black . . your debunking is rather amateur and I would imagine neither of you will research! However, if I’m wrong, Google,, and and I’m sure you’ll see other sites as well. Be sure to check out EPA certified lab report of soil, air and water sample results from various Arizona sites on the Arizona SkyWatch site. It will shock you. Now let’s talk “compliance” with this sinister program of polluting our skies which harms humans, animal life and the earth. ANYONE and I mean ANYONE who covers this up, i.e., media, meteorologists, pilots, government officials in every level because they want to continue working . . are as guilty as those heading up this evil program. I am proud of those exposing it – ashamed of people not willing to do their due diligence to research the truth. And thank you, Ernie, for providing a venue for topics, even unpopular ones. I KNOW you’ll never allow anyone to intimidate you to exclude even the chemtrail issue from your site.

Comment by David Strickler
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If for one minute someone would take a trip up north say canada in the winter when it's minus20 outside does your car leave a big fat trail behind you?  Please all non believers go and do some reading on the subject of contrails versus aerosol trails.before saying it just a contrail learn about contrails first.These trails are there in the summer too.

Thank you   learn then debunk

Comment by oliva carly
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Dear Joe Black

The only load of nonsense is your inability to substantiate your claim to knowledge regarding the topic of aerosol spraying of our troposphere. What is it that you would like to be published on Freedom_Phoenix, more useless media pabulum and brain washing? Get yourself a dictionary and learn to spell and the use grammar, maybe then your arrogance will be less obvious and offensive. No doubt, if you have no knowledge regarding a subject, it must be a conspiracy. This is exactly the stupidity that has delivered our great country into this mess. This is what we need, one more expert espousing on a topic that is beyond his or her ability to understand. Heaven help us.



Comment by samantha kent
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How blind and ignorant can you be?

The science is quite clear and specific regarding contrails, do your research.


I sincerely hope you can dig yourself out from the hole of ignorance that you are living in.


Perhaps you think AH1N1 vaccines are being prepared to save you from the “novel swine flu” and actually I will help you find a location for the vaccine, this would be my pleasure.


All you rant and rave about “end the fed” or “9-11 was an inside job” and the lovely “code pink end the war” activities ~ but are you able to ask yourself “what the hell are they doing to us NOW?”.


Do your home work; open your pathetic mind enough to be forward thinking.

Here is a good clue ~ geoengineering.




Comment by Joe Black
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 Ernie, I don't know how much scrutiny you subject items to, befor eyou publish them on Freedom's Phoenix, but this video seems to be a load of nonsense.  The person who put it together has a graphic crawl across teh screen, asking, what an "R22" is.  As you seem to be somewhat of an aviation enthusiast, I would think you would be familliar with the Robinson R22 helicopter.  That;s one example that the person who made this video hasn't a clue what he or she is talking about.  He or she is resorting to drawn a lot of ridiculous conclusions and making sinister innuendo, out of perfectly innocent airport tower frequency chatter, combimned with some video.  The person wrongly assumes that the comments of pilots heard on the tower frequency, math the video of high-flying aircraft, overflying the area.  Thus he or she assumes that the altitude reported by the pilots are the altitude of the contrails that are being labeled "chemtrails."

This is how goofy conspiracy theories end up making the rounds on the internet.  If there are "chemtrails," this video does nothing useful to prove so.  It's just a load of rubbish.  Rainbow colors, as shown, are a common sight, in England, where the video was shot, in the light conditions depicted.

Comment by Don Cline
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 I know that the simplest facts of life seem to get by these people who rant about contrails ("condensation-trails," which are a perfectly-normal feature of wintertime air traffic), but this is ludicrous.  The guy (or gal) points his/her camera at aircraft leaving contrails at 30,000 feet or higher, which means they are on enroute radio frequencies, not on tower frequencies, and because he can hear the local tower frequency on his scanner he thinks he is listening to the aircraft he is looking at.  Look, people ... if you want to know what contrails are (you call them "chem-trails") ask any pilot or any meteorologist.  The only aircraft leaving non-natural contrails are crop-dusters, rain-makers, and -- rarely -- military aircraft dropping chaff for the purpose of radar experimentation.  I know paranoia about "chem-trails" has become a cult religion in the last few years, but some people need to be de-programmed so they can get on with their life!  (Sigh.)

Comment by Jim Palmisano
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I watch the Chemtrail activity all the time in my city and it's plain as day that something is being sprayed.  Just pay attention to the skies when you are outside and inevitably you will catch a chemtrail action live.  This isn't conspiracy at all.

Comment by Brock
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Please tell me this is a parody of the nutters.  I refuse to believe that anyone is this clueless.

And, yet, looking at this person's YouTube page, it appears that, sadly, this person is serious.  Another feeble-minded victim of the Alex Jones Traveling Fireball Show.