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Janet Napolitano Claims ‘System Worked’, Attempts Damage Control over Flight 523 Bombing

• Ginn
Look into my eyes and repeat after me: "The system worked, the system worked..." Now, don't you feel safer?

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Comment by KDK Klein
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Do you PEOPLE want MORE gov control over the airlines?  Shite... might as well just take them over too.   Oh, I'm scared, please, help me, help me, masters, help me.


Terror is BS.  Our govs are the terrorists of the planet. 

Comment by TL Winslow
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Yes, the system worked. It made sure that no govt. agents would have been harmed if the bomb had gone off :) 

Too bad, the PC media still treat Islam with kid gloves, when if they'd study its history they'd realize that the 2010s are going to be all about us vs. it. Study Islam's horrible history free online with the Historyscope and prepare your mind with the facts to face the future at

Comment by Powell Gammill
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McClatchy News: [affidavit link too]


Comment by Powell Gammill
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Of course the system worked.  Let's review: His dad notified the US Nigerian embassy he was concerned about his son's radical statements.  He was placed on the no-fly list.   A list that successfully blocks 6 year ods from travelling with his family becasie his name supposedly is used by a terrorist.  It also blocked Senators and CONgressmen until Homeland Security got smart and removed those who are in power from the list...also as can be seen from the TSA manual leak, secure VIP treatment for those carrying certain government approved ID.

So now the fix is no matter how badly you need to use the restroom you can't an hour before landing. That will fix those terrorist bastards!  And you can have anything in your hands an hour before landing.  Yes, you had better just sit there quietly uncomplaining with both your hands in plain sight with no figiting if you know what is good for you.  Especially you brown skinned people who have funny accents and especially if you dare to converse in a language other than English.