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Video Of Iran Protesters Saving Prisoners From Getting Hanged

• The Business Insider
When you see footage such as this, with anti-regime Iranian protesters losing any concern about their own safety, it's hard to imagine the current leadership hanging on.

Here, via Gateway Pundit, is brutal footage of protesters saving two men who were being hanged. Caution definitely advised. Not for the squeamish or faint of heart.

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Comment by Anonymous
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Tis a shame to watch people in a foreign land with the guts to face the guns of their own Government in order to rescue two men the Government wanted dead.  Why?  Because it is more the shame knowing that we Americans once had this type of courage, but now simply take cell-phone pictures of it, bow our heads, and walk away from Government and police brutality. 

Comment by foundZero
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Whoa. Those people ran directly into live fire. Armed with stones picked up from the ground.

Unfortunately Iran has been selected as the next foil in the GWOT. It's just too convenient for us to have another big, bad enemy in the region so our covert forces are both inspiring uprisings while simultaneously reinforcing the power of the regime with external threats.


Check the OP's youtuve channel for more